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Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Wasteland 3: Character creation guide - appearance, story background Wasteland 3 guide, walkthrough

This page of the Wasteland 3 guide includes information on character creation. We have included details related to the modification of the character's appearance and storyline background.

Selection of ready-made characters

At the very beginning, you have to pick a few basic characters. Each duo has different abilities, history and basic statistics. The game features five such teams:

  1. Punk Lovers
  2. Young Rangers
  3. Mentor and student
  4. Techno-heads
  5. Father and daughter
Wasteland 3 also allows you to create your own duo of characters - Wasteland 3: Character creation guide - appearance, story background - Basics - Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Character creation - general information

Wasteland 3 also allows you to create your own duo of characters. Once you decide on this option, you will be transferred to a special wizard. That's where you adjust all the parameters of both characters.

The whole is divided into 6 categories - Wasteland 3: Character creation guide - appearance, story background - Basics - Wasteland 3 Guide, Walkthrough

The whole is divided into 6 categories:

  1. Identification - here you select basic character information such as gender, name, voice, and story background;
  2. Appearance - here you can choose your character's appearance. The production offers extensive character modifications. In addition to changing the face, hairstyle or clothing, you will also be able to adjust the posture;
  3. Starting weapon - you choose which weapon you will use at the beginning of your adventure;
  4. Attributes - here you can assign available points to selected statistics. The game offers fairly standard parameters such as condition, luck, perception, strength, speed, intelligence, and charisma;
  5. Skills- here you can find all abilities that your character can develop. At the very beginning you have a certain number of points to assign as you see fit;
  6. Quirks - these are the special qualities of a character. They affect one statistic positively while interacting negatively with another parameter.

Story Background

Each character in the game has a story background. It has a positive effect on character parameters. If you create your own starting characters, you have the option to choose one of sixteen options.:

  1. Bookworm - get 5% bonus to gained experience;
  2. Desert Cat - perception +1;
  3. Disciple of the Metal - grants 15% bonus to fire damage;
  4. Explodomaniac - grants 15% bonus to damage from explosions;
  5. Goat Killer - increases the chance of critical damage by 5%;
  6. Grease Monkey - grants 10% bonus to damage against vehicles and robots;
  7. Lethal Weapon - grants 10% bonus to melee damage;
  8. Mannerite - kiss ass +1;
  9. Moneybags - barter +1
  10. Mopey Poet - grants 5% bonus to dodging;
  11. Paladin - grants 10% bonus to critical damage resistance;
  12. Raider Hater - grants a 10% bonus to damage against people;
  13. Sex Machine - combat speed +0.2;
  14. Stoner - adds 10% bonus to status resistance;
  15. The Boss - hard ass +1;
  16. Vicious Avenger - penetration +2.


The quirks, in contrast to the story background, are not 100% positive. They also carry negative elements. In addition, they can also modify the appearance of the protagonist. However, this element is purely optional and you can skip it during character creation.

Below is the list of available quirks:

  1. Blunderer - gives a 15% bonus to melee damage, but reduces the chance of a critical hit by 50%;
  2. Bop Bag - gives +6 to armor, but reduces combat speed by 0.4;
  3. Circus Freak - increases resistance to critical damage by 25% and combat speed by 0.4, but reduces the chance of dodging by 10% and detection time by 1 second;
  4. Death Wish - gives 3 action points and increases their maximum limit by 3. However, it prevents you from using armor;
  5. DoomsdayPrepper - gives a 35% bonus to status effect resistance, but the character is unable to read the skill books;
  6. Lone Wolf - gives a 20% bonus to the initiative, but leadership has no benefits to you;
  7. Medical Marvel - con per level +5, but the hero cannot be revived during a fight;
  8. Mime - extends detection time by 2 seconds, but reduces con by -10 and the throwing range by 0.5 m;
  9. Poindexter - grants an extra skill point every 2 levels, but reduces con by -8 and con per level by -3;
  10. Prospector - there is a chance that while digging the hero will find a gold nugget, but reduces quick slots by 1;
  11. Pyromaniac - grants a 25% bonus to fire and explosive damage, but there is a 15% chance that using explosives will set the hero on fire;
  12. Sadomasochist - gives a 33% bonus to melee damage and throwing weapons, while alcohol intoxication increases the received damage by +33%;
  13. Serial Killer - get 3 action points for killing an opponent once a turn, but reduces the number of action points by 1;
  14. Two-Pump Chump - grants 2 action points in the first two turns, but reduces their limit by 1. Plus, it reduces the chance of a hit by 15% for 6 turns;
  15. Varangian Blood - when your ally gets knocked down, the character goes into a frenzy that grants +100% to critical hit and adds 3 action points per turn. Once the rage is over, the hero has 4 PA less for 2 turns;
  16. Waste Roamer - adds 100% bonus to immunity to bleeding, poisoning, electrocution, fire and freezing, but reduces experience bonus by 15%;
  17. Way of the Squeezins - reduces the bonus to melee damage and throwing weapons by 20%. When intoxicated, you get a +50% bonus to damage.
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