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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Game Guide by

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Game Guide

Table of Contents

Units Warhammer MOC Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In this part of the guide I will tell you something about troops you can have in this game and give you some advices how to use them effectively. I won't describe every single unit, by I will mention the most interesting ones.

  1. Infantry - for me these are all melee (not ranged) units that don't use any mounts. Infantry is a core of every army, especially for Skaven. It is used for two purposes - firstly it's a kind of wall, which has to protect your shooters. Secondly - it's a swamp, in which enemy's units should stick. Every army has this kind of troops that fulfill these requirements.
  2. Shooters - all kind of units with range attack. In spite of Chaos army, they're the greatest source of damage and morale degeneration. Well deployed and shielded have tremendous influence on a battle course. It's best to place them on some kind of a hill, along with mages and artillery, to widen they're shooting range. In addition place some infantry at the bottom of that hill to be sure, that no enemy will reach your shooters.
  3. Cavalry - main striking force of every army (only Skaven don't have it). Can harm enemy greatly, but can easily stick and be overrun. Be careful who you charge at. A single regiment of cavalry can attack shooters, siege weapons or weak infantry. Other units should be attacked only when they're already fighting other regiments.
  4. Monsters - every kind of large beasts, which are rather tough and has more hitpoints than ordinary unit. Generally I'd rather take regular regiment then such monster. Only wyrdspawns are worth considering, because they have range attack and can be made using Thorgar's ring.
  5. Siege weapons - battering rams, siege towers and cannons of all sorts. I didn't use first two - I destroyed walls with artillery. Cannons can be very effective if used properly. Always use all at one target and be careful to not harm your own troops. Besides they are rather weak and very slow, so guard them with other troops.
Small argument between Skaven and Imperial forces - Units - Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Small argument between Skaven and Imperial forces

Most important units in every army:

  1. Empire - army of many faces - there are no very characteristic troops, but they work well with each other. Guard shooters and cannons with infantry, support them with cavalry and everything should be all right.
  2. High Elves - archers are their main strength. If you must fight with a lot of enemy's troops, use flaming arrows mode to lower their morale. In addition spearmen are great defensive melee unit and ballista is the most mobile siege weapon in this game.
  3. Skaven - my tactic - shoot at enemy with cannons, then with other range units and charge with great mass of melee soldiers. I didn't use rat-ogres, because they can be unpredictable, when they lose their "patrons". Be careful when using warpfire thrower, because it can harm your own troops.
  4. Chaos - the most offensive army, but having a nice hill, two hellcannons and axe-throwers you can effectively defend. Chaos warriors, both mounted or on foot, are the toughest regular troops in the game - they're hard to break and kill, but expensive. Demons (especially Khorne's ones) are great addition to this army. Besides only Chaos has regular flying unit - Chaos' furies. They can fly behind enemy's lines and strike at his shooters, who, on the other hand, are only units, which can harm furies.
Projects of Nurgle's hero - Units - Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Projects of Nurgle's hero
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