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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Game Guide by

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Game Guide

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How to play as Eldars? | Tips Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Guide

1. Elder units, especially the infantry, are more vulnerable to damage. This is caused by the fact that Eldar units have “two health bars” – one is the health itself that every single unit in the game has, whereas the other is shield. Shields are almost exclusive to the Eldar faction, aside from elite and a small portion of other units. Shields make Eldar units less durable than the units of the remaining factions.

2. However, shields are easier to regenerate than it is with the health of the units. You just have to wait for a short time, or decrease the time even further by placing their units near a Webway Gate. Afterwards, the units will be able to get back on the battlefield, fully replenished.

3. Another mechanic is associated with the shields – losing even the entire shield won’t affect the number of units in the squad. Most squads in the game will lose some of the units of the squad once their health drops to certain levels and you will need to reinforce them near buildings to restore their full effectiveness. In case of Eldars (and all units with shields), losing shields doesn’t affect them in any way – however, losing health has the same effects on their units, reducing the number of soldiers in a squad.

4. Eldars are best utilized in hit & run tactics. Their units are less effective in prolonged fights, mainly because of their lower health pools and the fact that they have shields, but they are extremely effective at quick strikes. You can use their units to attack an enemy, deal some damage and retreat once your squads have lost all of their shields. Afterwards, you just have to replenish their shields at a Webway Gate and repeat the attack after a very short time, without giving your enemy any opportunity to prepare for the next encounter.

5. Hit & run tactics are enhanced by the Fleed of Foot ability, available to all of the units of the Eldar faction. This ability causes their units to move quicker when near a Webway Gate. Additionally, this is the ability that increases the regeneration rate of their shields when near the aforementioned constructions.

Eldars can easily move their entire bases. - How to play as Eldars? | Tips - Tips - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Game Guide
Eldars can easily move their entire bases.

6. One of the most unique traits of this faction is Relocate ability available on all of their buildings. Thanks to it, Eldars can move, from any position and to any new locations on the map, all of their buildings, without any costs. This further enhances their aggressive playstyle, allowing them to recruit units practically everywhere on the battlefield. This can (and should) also be used to move Webway Gates anywhere on the battlefield, allowing your units to use their passive ability to its full potential.

7. Remember about proper elite unit selection. Macha is a good choice for the early game, as she can take out multiple enemy groups on her own and she remains effective during the entire game. She has access to powerful abilities, allowing her to devastate units and even prevent them from moving and attacking. However, in contrast to Gabriel Angelos from the Space Marines and Gorgutz from Orks, Macha is extremely vulnerable to damage – without proper care, she can be killed in combat in a matter of seconds. It’s best to let her attack enemies from a safe distance, making use of her long range.

8. Connect Webways ability allows you to connect two buildings, preparing a portal between them. Afterwards, you just have to command your units to enter one of the buildings that were previously connected. Thanks to that, the units will teleport to the location of the second buildings connected with the ability. This will allow you to move your units around the entire battlefield.

9. Use the Connect Webways ability to attack your enemies from unconventional directions. You can set up multiple portals in different parts of the map to be able to swiftly move your units around the whole map. This is extremely effective when used to poke an enemy, especially when targeting a resource point that would normally be inaccessible because of the army protecting it.

10. Connect Webways can also be used defensively. You just have to place the building near a specific point that you want to protect (like, for instance, an Elite Points resource point) and then connect it with a building located in your base. Thanks to that, you will be able to move to that point in a matter of seconds when the enemy attacks, without the need to travel through the whole map.

11. Eldricht Storm is the Super Ability of the Eldar faction. Once activated, it summons a cloud of destructive energy over the specified area. The cloud can be controlled and the enemies located inside of it are constantly damaged and slowed. This ability can devastate an enemy army, especially if they are cramped together. It’s extremely effective against sniper and artillery units, which are, in most cases, located far away from the central point of the battlefield – the enemy might not even notice that his/her precious units are damaged by the storm.

12. Eldricht Storm has a second “form”. You can transfer its energy to a conduit, like, for instance, an elite unit (such as Macha), by moving the cloud to the specified unit. Once done, the unit will transform into the mentioned conduit. In this form, the unit will periodically strike nearby enemies with extremely powerful lightning bolts, capable of taking out some of the enemies with a single strike. Note that the enemy can kill the conduit unit, or even stun it (with a grenade or an ability that causes displacement) – once it happens, the storm will revert to its original form.

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