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Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Game Guide by

Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Game Guide

Table of Contents

Multiplayer | Additional Info WH 40k: DoW - Soulstorm Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Online/Multiplayer - is a part of Gamespy system, where all your victories / defeats will be saved to Your GameSpyID account. As a beginner, the player should not fight against experienced players, since it will only ruin his statistics. After joining any server or hosting, a game player should check stats of every guest inside the server room. All information is available at the "info" icon, right next to player's nickname.



We can recognize some types of players. It depends from battle scale (how many players will play).

New Players (Newbies) - easy to recognize: weak statistics or sometimes even no stats at all, totally new in the game. Usually open to join any battle, and they do not care about victory rules. Experienced players look at them like on "fresh meat", just another easy target that will allow them add one more victory to theirs stats list. Newbies usually are ignored or kicked automatically from battles bigger than 1vs1 (obviously, no one wants to play with a newbie in one team). New players usually are very careful in battles, holding the entire army in the base, upgrading slowly, building defenses (turrets). Instead, new players should be aggressive, fast and always give their enemy a reason to think about.

Moreover: if a newbie thinks that he is able to defeat experienced players, or only looks like a newbie, after joining the server, he should to type instantly that he only uses a new account. Sometimes this helps.

Weak players (noobs) - players without skills jumping from server to server as they usually saying "for fun". Usually they got on their account some number of battles, sometimes even a lot, but their win ratio is less than 40%. Good players often use noobs to fix statistics or just to gain another easy victory. Noobs will never be able to enjoy a good reputation, and they can forget about a chance to join any clan.

In addition: Peoples are naming weak players as "noobs". No experienced player has respect for players of this kind, even if they don't say that openly. It is better to create new account, than being recognizable as noob.

Experienced Loners - sometimes professional (Pro) players that prefer to play alone or with chosen friends usually for fun and stats. They can be good team players in bigger battles, but they join randomly chosen servers. You can recognize them by their very good stats and no tag before nickname.

Clan members - always some kind of tag before nickname. They are usually playing in teams with other clan mates. In most cases, they kick automatically every noob and newbie.


How play, to win?

Every good player - is aggressive. Aggressive brave movements on maps, fast taking control points and fast building brings victory. Almost from beginning to end, throughout the entire battle, you must keep your enemy busy on defense of his control points and main base. This is important - you cannot keep losing units in actions like this, but you must learn, in when attack and when retreat is needed. In case of battles with teammates, it is important to support your teammate. If you will lose your partner - You will lose battle as well. A few popular tactics:

1. Rush - useful in 1vs1 battles. Goal of rush is to eliminate the enemy's base as fast as possible. It is obvious that the opponent must defend his base, in the meantime, you can keep upgrading your economy on the rest of the map. You must know as well that if an opponent is aggressive and the rush fails - you will probably lose the battle.

2. Tech - players capture 50% of the map and defend their territory. In the mean time, they are upgrading technology etc. on back, in main bases. Usually wins the side which will fist break enemy lines as first.

3. Horde Tactic - players do not upgrade advanced technologies or save resources on super weapons and advanced buildings. Instead, they start recruiting the most useful and basic - usually also cheap - unit/formations, and after that, they will make a powerful massive attack on a chosen enemy player. It is a risky tactic, but if teamwork is good, usually successful.

Those are most popular tactics used online. Make sure before the battle :

- What are the victory rules.

- Is it quick start (QS), or standard

Being aggressive and fast - is the key to victory in every battle.

Action/reaction - this is procedure of best movements when enemy:

1. Is attacking you on open battlefield - do not let him make you to run away. You must counterattack. You cannot allow the enemy to control more than 50% of the control points/map area.

2. Is attacking your main base, typical player will start defending - what is good also, but you can try those:

a. Send worker to drop HQ in other part of map, you do not need to build it, just drop the project.

b. Attack with everything you have got the enemy's main base. It will be harder, if the enemy has turrets. A move like that will make the opponent leave your main base or he will lose his own. This method fully depends on the race you play with. Beware of necrons.

3. Is attacking your teammate - you must support his defense at all costs. In battles 2vs2 and bigger, when you will lose teammate you will lose round also.

4. Is capturing control points - you cannot allow him to do that. During the entire battle, you must keep limits on the enemies''s possibilities, and in order to do that, you have to control at least half of control points for your own. Only necrons can ignore this rule.

5. Is defending and upgrading his base (he is on defense) - from logic view, he already lost.

6. Is attacking your control points - defend them with everything you have got :L

7. Is building many turrets everywhere - it may slow you down at the beginning, but his defeat is only a matter of time.

8. Is fighting against your teammate, far away from his main base - attack his man base : )

9. Is moving his super weapon on your base - do not defend, attack his main base and try to relocate yours, of course ignore this rule if there is a possibility for successful defense of your main base.

10. He dropped barracks and turrets right outside your main base - You must destroy them, you cannot allow enemy to block you inside your own base. It is a very dangerous situation and requires your immediate attention.

In online battles, the special abilities of heroes can change the fate of a battle. Unfortunately, battles where heroes take part require your attention and reflex in acting.

Add info:

GL - Good luck

HF - have fun

No quitters - players must fight to end.


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