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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide by

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Game Guide

Table of Contents

Multiplayer mode - Units - Eldars | Multiplayer mode WH40k: DoW2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Howling Banshees

Very fast melee unit. If you can't afford Warp Spiders, choose Banshee. They do a great job at fighting most infantry units but even when you upgrade them to deal more damage to vehicles they won't be very effective.

Guardian Squad

A great unit if you need to secure undefended strategic points. Later they can serve as a rather miserable support and repair vehicles - that last thing makes keeping a single Guardian Squad worth it.

Bright Lance Weapon Team

Rather Average anti-vehicle weapon. Does a decent job at defending strategic points and your base - in regular battle it doesn't do too well as setting it down takes some time and it is vulnerable to infantry attacks.

D-Cannon Weapon Team

Bad unit that's supposed to serve as eldar artillery. Fire Prisms and Falcons do a better job at fighting both infantry and vehicles and are more resilient then this cannon. Preparing it to fire takes some time which makes it even weaker.

Shuriken Cannon Weapon Team

Good defensive unit. As with heavy bolter units, Shuriken Cannon allows you to pin down enemy infantry - in situations where you have to defend your base or some strategic points on the map, this cannon does a decent job.


Despite the fact that Rangers have only access to sniper rifles they're good at dispatching enemy infantry. They won't be effective versus elite units such as the Terminators, but against weaker but larger groups of infantry they are exquisite. They can gain temporary invisibility after the upgrades and are not effective versus vehicles.

Seer Council

This unit is truly incredible against enemy infantry - Seer Council can deal with regular soldiers and heroes with ease. They might require support when fighting the elite units such as the Avatar, Terminators or Carnifex. The main drawback of Seer Council is its price and the fact that you're limited to a single unit.

Warp Spider Squad

Decent anti-infantry unit. They are able to deal with nearly any infantry unit, even those equipped with heavy weapons. Using teleportation (which is the Eldar equivalent of jetpack jumps) they can appear behind enemy units and clean up. Teleportation can also be used to withdraw in situations, when Warp Spiders could be overwhelmed.


One of the most important Eldar units. It can (and should!) be equipped with a force field. It regenerates nearby infantry and provides a decent firepower. It's quite weak against heavy vehicles against which it needs the support of Fire Prism tanks.

Fire Prism

Falcon variation - it offers two fire modes, one effective against large infantry groups, the other set to deal with heavy armored infantry and vehicles. It doesn't have a force field so it may require the assistance of a Guardian Squad. Fire Prisms are supposed to support Falcons in capturing strategic points and attacking enemy structures.


Very good offensive unit. Wraithlord can be equipped with two kinds of weapons - one for fighting infantry, the other set to destroy vehicles. Try to send pairs of Wraithlords into the fray, so that one of them fights infantry and the other deals with the vehicles. Such duos are bound to deal heavy damage.


Incredible, though expensive unit. It requires one thousand requisition points but if you'll manage to accumulate such number it will pay off. It's great against every kind of units and buildings, but it can use the support of health regenerating units - such combination makes him almost invulnerable.

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