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Table of Contents

Warframe Game Guide

Battle and win - secrets and tips for the game. Warframe is a cooperative shooter that uses a free micro transaction model. In our guide, you will find detailed content description and solution for the game. Equipped with a variety of weapons and ancient armor, you will face the Grinner Empire.

The guide to Warframe features information helpful in completing the game and finding yourself in the game's world. The story of the game focuses on the race of Tenno that is on the brink of extinction due to the actions of the Grineer Empire. However, the situation changes when combat armors are discovered.

From this guide, you will learn how to start the game. Here you will find basic advice and description of mechanics. This will enable you to quickly develop in the game. You will learn Which Warframes - the combat armors - you should have. You will be informed what to do to upgrade weapons and Warframes. This guide will help you to quickly complete missions, earn currency and improve your favorite armor. Warframe is focused on cooperation Player versus Environment mode. It's a science fiction free-to-play shooter with micro transactions. Warframe requires its players to have high agility and quick reflexes.

The guide to Warframe features

  1. List of achievements and ways of obtaining them
  2. Interface description
  3. General advice for the beginning of the game
  4. Information about the currency and how to obtain it
  5. How to develop Warframe and weapons
  6. Information about each Warframe
  7. Walkthrough for main and side quests
  8. Information about trading
  9. How to craft and obtain Prime type items
  10. List of enemies and factions
  11. How to open relics?
  12. Advice about syndicates
  13. Information about planets and resources
  14. How to obtain Focus?

About Warframe Game Guide

Author : Arkadiusz "Chruscik" Jackowski for

last update : April 4, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Warframe Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Digital Extremes
  • publisher: Digital Extremes
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

Warframe is a cooperative science-fiction shooter. It was developed by Digital Extremes, the developers of such games as The Darkness II, Pariah and Dark Sector. It is based on free-to-play business model and offers option microtransactions.

Warframe puts an emphasis on co-op mode. The character we control looks like a cybernetic ninja. He can fight with a sword and a gun, as well as perform some amazing stunts. The players join together in teams and go on missions against the AI-controlled Grineers. Modification and development of weapons and armor are an important part of the gameplay, though acquiring the best pieces of equipment often requires performing some really dangerous tasks. What’s curious, the missions are randomly generated which significantly prolongs the fun.

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