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Warcraft III Reforged Guide by

Warcraft III Reforged Guide

Table of Contents

Cheats and tricks in Warcraft 3 Reforged Warcraft III guide, walkthrough

In this chapter of Warcraft 3 Reforged, you will learn how to use cheat codes. Cheats work only during a single player campaign or during a single player skirmish with artificial intelligence. The cheat codes will make it easier for you to play, help you to get through the difficult stages of the game or just skip too hard missions.

In order to use cheat codes, you must first press the Enter key to open the game chat. Then enter one of the codes from the list below and confirm it by pressing the Enter key again. After successfully entering the code, the screen will display the 'Cheat code enabled' message. Some codes can be disabled when you re-enter them.

The following list contains all cheat codes available in Warcraft 3: Reforged:

Useful cheats that make the gameplay easier:

  1. WHOSYOURDADDY - God mode - units are immortal and can destroy enemy units or buildings with a single blow.
  2. WARPTEN - Speeds construction of buildings and units.
  3. ISEEDEADPEOPLE - Remove fog of war.
  4. THEREISNOSPOON - Unlimited Mana.
  5. THEDUDEABIDES - Cast spells without any limits or cooldowns.
  6. WHOISJOHNGALT - Speed up and enable research.
  7. SYNERGY - Disable tech tree requirements.
  8. RISEANDSHINE - Set time of day to dawn.
  9. LIGHTSOUT - Set time of day to dusk.

Cheats for winning / losing, that can be used in the campaign and in a single battle with AI:

  1. ALLYOURBASEAREBELONGTOUS - instant victory.
  2. SOMEBODYSETUSTHBOMB - Instant failure.
  3. IOCAINEPOWDER - Fast Death/Decay.
  4. MOTHERLAND [race] [level] - instead of "race" enter a specific faction, and instead of "level" enter the mission number, keep the two-digit numbering, for example Human 05.

Cheat codes that will only help you in the aspects of Economics and Resources:

  1. GREEDISGOOD - Adds 500 pieces of gold and lumber.
  2. KEYSERSOZE X - Adds X gold (enter a value instead of X).
  3. LEAFITTOME X - Adds X lumber (enter a value instead of X).
  4. POINTBREAK - Removes food limit.
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