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Warcraft III Reforged Guide

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Blood Mage | Units of the Alliance in Warcraft 3 Reforged Warcraft III guide, walkthrough

The Blood Mage is the protagonist available in the Frozen Throne expansion set. Also it's available during multiplayer battles and skirmishes with AI. The Blood Mage has a ranged attack that strikes both ground and flying units. Additionally, it has a long range and a magical type of attack. Its main use is to support the army and cast some area of effect spells. The most important attribute of this unit is intelligence, but he has a quite low strength, which makes him a rather vulnerable character.

The Blood Mage is only available in the expansion set campaign and during multiplayer games!

Flame Strike

Flame Strike (1) is one of the most commonly used skills of the Blood Mage, as it deals decent damage to many enemies. At rank 3 it may deal some severe damage over a short period of time. The potency of this spell is the over-time damage in the designated area. This allows you to damage several units or force the enemy to leave the indicated position. The Flame Strike affects all land units, so you should watch out for your troops and cast it right behind the enemy's back. The perfect targets are weaker support units such as Necromancers, Shamans or enemy workers.


Banish (2) is a unusual situational spell that can be used on non-mechanical units. After using it on the indicated unit, the target changes to an ethereal form. In this form, it cannot physically attack its opponents and moves slower. On the other hand, you can still use spells and deal damage with magical attacks. It's excellent for excluding strong enemies from the battle like Abominations, Knights, Taurens or Druids. The higher levels of this skill ensure a longer duration of the ethereal form. At the beginning invest just one skill point in the skill.

Siphon Mana

Siphon mana (3) - another extremely useful ability to strengthen the hero, but it is also offensive in a way. As the name suggests, the hero drains mana from other units, both his own allies and enemies. This way you can take away the abilities of enemy support units to function effectively without the need of quickly eliminating them. It's extremely useful against heroes who rely mostly on abilities. Higher levels of this skill allow you to drain more mana. It's worth noting that you drain more mana from your own units, which can be very useful in tough situations.


Phoenix (4) is the ultimate skill of Blood Mage. A Phoenix is summoned to the battlefield, which is extremely tough and deals decent damage. It is resistant to spells, so only "normal" skills can harm it in any way. Phoenix loses health points with every second, regardless of the situation. When it loses all its health points, it turns into an egg. After a short time, the Phoenix hatches again and is ready to fight. Only in the form of an egg it's mortal and vulnerable. So it's the only time when the enemy can get rid of it permanently. After the egg is destroyed, you can summon the Phoenix again.

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