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Warcraft III Reforged Guide

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Archmage | Units of the Alliance in Warcraft 3 Reforged Warcraft III guide, walkthrough

Another hero of the Human race is the Archmage, a powerful support unit, which is a very useful addition to your army. It has a high amount of intelligence, so it has a large amount of mana and increased mana regeneration. This unit is able to cast powerful spells and specializes in area of effect damage. In the campaign you will usually meet Jaina Proudmoore. She will accompany the main character for several missions. Its standard attack has a long range and is able to strike ground and air units.


Blizzard (1) is the main Archmage spell and you will use it often as the primary ability of this unit. This is an area of effect spell that deals damage for a short time. Ice shards will fall on the indicated area and strike everyone or everything - buildings, friendly and hostile units, ground and air troops. It's useful for attacking clusters of enemies, groups of support units, and enemy workers that are working at the mine or repairing buildings. Each successive rank increases the number of ice shards and damage dealt.

Summon Water Elemental

Summon Water Elemental (2) is another extremely useful skill. You summon an additional unit on the battlefield that can attack from a distance, and is quite durable on higher levels. The Elemental will attack enemy units and fight for you for a minute or until it dies. The Elemental is a perfect unit to lure enemy troops, or can be used as a cannon fodder that is supposed to take and absorb the first strikes of the enemy. This way you'll allow your soldiers to live longer. The Elemental is a great scout, because you can always summon another one. Scouting the area with a free unit is a good idea. You can also use it to defend the retreat of your troops, because artificial intelligence usually attacks the nearest enemy. Therefore, the Elemental can take part in a suicidal battle against the enemy and give your troops more time to retreat.

Brilliance Aura

Brilliance Aura (3) is a unique passive aura that works all the time and regenerates mana points. The bonus works on the hero himself and the surrounding units. There are very few ways to restore mana points in the game, especially in case of ordinary units. That's why the Brilliance Aura is one of the best skills, especially if you have several heroes and units using mana on your team. It is worthwhile to train Archmage and get at least one rank of this skill after he has gained the second level of experience. Each subsequent level increases the regeneration rate.

Mass Teleport

Mass Teleport (4) is a situational spell that is used in a few moments of the game. It allows you to teleport selected units around the Archmage to a designated building or unit. It will be useful when the enemy is attacking a poorly defended base or when you are alone in during a battle at the other end of the map. You can also use Mass Teleport to move into the middle of an enemy base or attack enemies from an unexpected direction. Beforehand, you must send out a unit such as the Gryphon Rider, the Paladin with an active Divine Shield, or an invisible unit in order to be able to patrol your entire army and attack the enemy by surprise.

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