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Warcraft III Reforged Guide

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Units of The Alliance (human) in Warcraft 3 Reforged Warcraft III guide, walkthrough

In this chapter you will learn more about the units of Human faction. The Alliance consists of many useful units. In the ranks of this army you will encounter not only Humans, but also Dwarves and Night Elves. This alliance has survived for many years, even despite the fact that it was formed due to external threats. In this faction you will find some classic solutions when it comes to organizing an army - Humans have typical military units like Footmen and Knights, while Dwarves offer some additional troops like Riflemen or Mortar teams. The Night Elves serve as support of your armies.

By playing as Humans you can quickly expand your base and establish a strong economy without much effort. You have 13 units at your disposal. Also, you can develop numerous upgrades and technologies. Humans can quickly train healing units that have an ability to treat wounds and heal troops of your army in a very cheap and effective way. All you have to do is to recruit a few Priests in the Arcane Sanctum. The units of this faction can easily deal with any incoming threat.

Humans have strong individuals like Knights or Gryphon Riders. The sorcerers and aforementioned priests provide adequate support during the battle. They can weaken the enemy, destroy the summoned units or turn the enemy into... a sheep. Polymorph is one of the most powerful skills of basic units. Dwarves, on the other hand, are able to produce specialized units such as the Siege Engines or Mortar Teams. In addition, the Human race has as many as three types of defensive towers, which is beneficial for the expansion and protection of the base. Playing as Humans is quite easy and simple. You will take command of this race at the very beginning of the main story campaign.



Your basic unit is a Peasant. This unit is responsible for gold mining and harvesting lumber. You can improve Peasant's ability to cut down trees by purchasing a new technology in the Lumber Mill. This will allow them to transport 10 more logs of lumber (after buying the second technology upgrade one unit may collect and carry up to 30 logs!). It is the only unit that can build new structures, repair buildings, and fix mechanical units such as Siege Engines or Flying Machines. It's a cheap unit with the lowest upkeep value. Peasants are essential if you want to expand your base. Use them to construct new farms - this will allow you to increase the food limit (upkeep limit).

The repairs of buildings and mechanical units cost gold and lumber. However, repairing units or structures is much cheaper than training or building new ones. Humans are the only faction which can accelerate the construction of all structures by sending additional Peasants to work. This way, you also use up extra gold and lumber, but sometimes speed is more important. What's more, in case of an attack, you can mobilize all Peasants and turn them into Militia units at the nearest Town Hall. This allows you to set up a temporary defense.


Your first combat unit is a Footman, which can be trained in the Barracks. A Footman is a cheap unit, but a dozen of Footmen may cause a lot of trouble to enemy units. It's perfect as cannon fodder - short training time, low requirements and costs. This is usually the first unit used to create a basic melee squad. After some time, you will replace Footmen with Knights.

Low-cost upkeep is another advantage of Footmen. They have a lot of health points even despite their low price. Additionally, they benefit from upgrades available in the Blacksmith. In the Barracks, you can purchase an additional skill for them - Defend. When activated, enemy piercing attacks will cause much less damage. Also, unit's movement speed will be significantly reduced. It is worthwhile to use this skill when fighting against ranged enemy units (for example, like archers) or when attacking enemy towers, which usually inflict piercing damage.


This dwarf is equipped with a powerful rifle. Rifleman is the first ranged unit that can attack ground and flying units. Their presence in your army is mandatory, especially when you intend to fight against flying enemy units. Without their help, you won't be able to repel the attacks from the air, especially in the first missions of the Human campaign.

You can train Riflemen in the Barracks, but only after you have constructed the Blacksmith. They have more health points than Footmen, however they are also more expensive to train and need more food. These are the best secondary units and will be an integral part of your army for most part of the campaign. It is worth using them to attack weaker support units such as Necromancers. Before the melee units approach the target, the Riflemen will quickly eliminate the enemy from a distance. After buying the Long Rifle upgrade in the Barracks, the Riflemen gain even greater attack range, which increases their effectiveness.


You can also train a Knight in the Barracks, after building the Blacksmith and upgrading the Town Hall. It is a strong unit that is an improved version of Footman. This unit has twice as many health points and armor points as Footmen. Also it deals 2x higher damage in comparison to Footmen.

The downside of this unit is that it's more expensive and has a higher upkeep requirements. Strong units are prone to various debuffing spells, so it is still worth to have a support group consisting of smaller units. However, a large group of Knights can make a lot of trouble to enemy forces during a battle, especially when they are supported by Riflemen or other supportive units. You can buy an additional upgrade in the Barracks that will increase the health points of all Knights.


The Arcane Sanctum allows you to train Sorceresses. These are support units and their offensive capabilities and spells are their greatest advantage. To unlock better skills, you need to develop additional technologies in the Arcane Sanctum. After each upgrade, the Sorceress can learn new spells, gain additional health points and increase her maximum mana points.

It can attack ground and airborne units, so it will be useful for finishing off weak enemies. On the other hand, the Sorceress has very few health points and deals rather low amount of damage. Sorceress may become a powerful ally if you develop all the upgrades and learn how to use her skills.

List of Sorceress skills and spells:

Slow (1) - this spell can be cast on a single enemy. The affected target moves slower and has a decreased attack speed. It's very useful against powerful and resistant enemy units. Assemble additional ranged units to quickly finish off the enemy before they approach your soldiers. This spell can be cast automatically during a battle.

Invisibility (2) can be cast on a chosen, allied target that is not a magical unit. The Sorceress can't cast invisibility on herself. For 120 seconds, the affected unit will be invisible to the enemy until it attacks or uses any ability. Invisible unit will only attack on your direct command or once it gets detected by enemy forces. Enemy watchtowers have the ability to spot invisible units. You can use this ability to hide your army, retreat with a weakened unit or spy on the enemy.

Polymorph (3) consists in transforming an enemy unit into a defenseless animal, usually a sheep. A unit in this form is vulnerable and defenseless - it cannot attack, use skills, moves slower, but still has the same number of health points. This is a perfect ability to fight against strong enemy units or sorcerers (units with many skills and spells). Then you can focus on fighting the remaining weaker units or try to focus on a unit turned into an animal to quickly get rid of a dangerous enemy. The downside is the high cost of mana required to use this ability.


The Priest is another unit that can be trained in the Arcane Sanctum. Unlike the Sorceress, the Priest is a support unit and can cast spells to strengthen and buff your army. If you want to use better spells and abilities of Priests, then you need to develop additional technologies in the Arcane Sanctum.

The Priest has very few health points and inflicts little damage. However, they can attack ground and air targets, which makes them a little useful in combat, but their main role is to support your army. The most important is their basic ability to heal allied units. Each upgrade gives access to better skills and increases health and mana points. Never send Priests to fight alone, but always send them together with other units such as Footmen or Knights.

List of Priest skills and spells:

Heal (1) is the main and most important skill of a Priest. For a small amount of mana, a Priest can restore 25 health points of selected unit. This way you can cure all your units during and after the battle. You can keep several Priests at your base or lead them to battle with your army. In a 12-unit team, it is worth having at least 1-3 Priests to treat your units.

Dispel Magic (2) is a spell that removes all states, buffs and spells from all units in a designated area. The area of effect of this spell can cover several units. Interestingly, the skill works on allied and hostile units. It can remove all buffs from enemy units, or negative de-buffs from allied units. In addition, Dispel Magic deals 200 points of damage to summoned units like Water Elementals. You can get rid of several weak units at once. It is also a perfect tool for fighting skeletons, summoned by the Necromancer.

Inner fire (3) is a spell that supports your units. It increases the damage and armor of selected unit. It works for a minute and is useful during larger battles. It's best to cast it on strong units that deal a lot of damage points (for example, on a hero). It's also worth using the ability just before the fight, to save yourself time to cast the spell during the battle.

Spell Breaker

The Spell Breaker is an unusual ranged unit that can only attack ground units. It has a lot of health points, and is somewhere between Footman and Knight. It's quite a universal unit that has interesting skills.

As one of the very few units, the Spell Breaker is immune to all spells. Due to this passive ability, only physical attacks can cause damage to this unit. Spell Breakers are a good support for your hand-to-hand combat troops, but they can't fight against flying units. That's why it's still worth having Riflemen or your own flying units to defend yourself against aerial attacks. The Spell Breaker has a Feedback ability, which means it destroys 20 mana points of the enemy unit with every normal attack and deals bonus damage. It's a perfect solution against mana based units, sorcerers and hostile heroes. In addition, all Blacksmith bonuses (armor and attack upgrades) can enhance the Spell Breaker.

The Spell Breaker is only available in the expansion set campaign and during the multiplayer games!

The Spell Breaker has two skills:

Spell Steal (1) - Steals a positive buff from an enemy unit and applies it to a nearby friendly unit. Or takes a negative buff from a friendly unit and applies it to a nearby enemy unit. It's useful during large skirmishes when the enemy has some magical units. You can set this skill to auto-cast, which will make it much easier to manage this unit.

Control Magic (2) is a spell that allows you to take control of a summoned enemy unit. This way you are able to capture enemy warriors and turn them against their previous owners. The cost of mana depends on the number of health points of the target. This is very useful against an enemy army that relies on summoned units or can summon a strong unit such as the Water Elemental to the battlefield.

Flying Machine

The Flying Machine is the basic flying unit of the Human race. Due to the small number of health points, it is mainly used for reconnaissance and support of ground units. At first, it can only attack flying units. It has a small training price and only needs 1 point of upkeep.

The advantage of the Flying Machine is not only the ability to move in the air over numerous natural obstacles, but also its speed. This unit is useful for quick reconnaissance and for killing weak and wounded enemy units. Once you have developed the Flak Cannons, the Flying Machine will deal damage around the attacked unit. Once you have developed True Sight, you will detect all units that are invisible, hidden or buried. In later battles, it is worth adding 1-2 enemy detection units to the army.

Mortar Team

The primary siege unit of the Human faction is the Mortar Team. A unit consisting of two dwarves is a typical building destroyer. It deals heavy damage and has a siege attack type. It can shoot at long distances, can launch a bombarding strike, skip obstacles and can bombard areas out of sight.

Mortar Teams have a siege type of attack. They inflict more damage to units with fortification armor type (this type of armor is mostly found in buildings). Due to their long range, they can fire on the enemy base from a safe distance, beyond the reach of the towers and other enemy defensive fortifications. Even if you don't see your opponent's buildings, you can use a manual command to fire at a specific location. You have to protect the Mortar Teams because they have low amount of health points.

You can enhance this unit with additional skills. Flares will allow you to discover a large area of the map for several seconds. Fragmentation Shards increase the attack strength against unarmored and medium-armored units, and buying all attack technologies in Blacksmith will double their damage. A small team of 2-4 units is able to quickly destroy the enemy base and eliminate towers in just a few attacks.

Siege Engine

The Siege Engine is a strong unit used to destroy the enemy buildings. It has fortified-type armor (like most buildings) and siege-type attack. Siege Engine has a lot of health points. The cost of this unit in terms of the price/quality ratio is quite acceptable, although it does not fully replace the Mortar Teams.

The purpose of this unit is to only destroy the buildings of the enemy. A large and rapid attack allows the destruction of buildings in the enemy base. It has a small attack range, so you always have to get close to a rather dangerous distance. Don't send Siege Engines without a backup. Your troops should start fighting with enemy base defenders and the Siege Engines have the task of destroying enemy buildings - it is best to start with towers and production buildings. During the campaign, the opponent usually owns a lot of farms, so it's not a good idea to destroy his food supply. It is best to destroy buildings that train the most dangerous enemies.

Dragonhawk Rider

Dragonhawk Rider is a light flying unit that can attack any type of enemy. It is a medium class unit, which is not the weakest unit like the Flying Machine, but also it's not as strong as the Gryphon Rider. It has interesting skills that make this unit a very unique and universal choice.

The Dragonhawk Rider has many health points and deals average damage compared to other human units. It can attack ground and air units. The main advantages of this unit are its skills, so it's worth having 2-3 Riders in your army. This unit uses the technologies that can be developed in the Blacksmith. Also, in the Barracks you can develop an upgrade that increases the amount of health points of this unit.

Dragonhawk Rider is only available in the expansion set campaign and during the multiplayer games!

Aerial Shackles (1) is a skill that binds a targeted enemy air unit. Unit affected by this effect cannot move or attack. Also, it takes 30 damage per second and may die from the inflicted injuries. It is perfect against strong flying units, especially of Undead and Night Elves races.

Cloud (2) is a situational skill, useful against static and defensive enemy units. Towers and buildings that can attack you are defenseless for 30 seconds during this skill. The advantage of the Cloud, is a large area of operation and almost full protection against enemy turrets.

Gryphon Rider

The Gryphon Rider is the strongest unit of the Human faction. It's an elite dwarf warrior who sits on a mighty gryphon and throws a storm hammer. This unit can attack any enemy from a long distance. It is not as strong as the Chimaera of the Night Elves or the Frost Wyrm of the Undead, but it's a bit cheaper and requires lesser amount of food.

The main advantage of Gryphon Rider is the magic attack type, which allows him to deal significant damage to most units that have light and heavy armor. Besides, Gryphon Rider inflicts a lot of damage, making it a perfect unit to eliminate many opponents. Especially after upgrading their weapons and buying the Storm Hammer upgrade, the Gryphon Rider can attack multiple enemy units on the battlefield. After performing the standard attack sequence the hammer jumps and hurls to another enemy targets. Groups of 4-6 units of this type are a major challenge for most enemies. This is a perfect unit for your strike group, especially if your opponent doesn't have many ranged units.

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