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Void Bastards Guide and Tips by

Void Bastards Guide and Tips

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Supplies in Void Bastards Void Bastards guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, June 6, 2019

On this page of the guide to Void Bastards, we focus on inventory management. You will learn about the main types of supplies, as well as what complications may occur after you run out of them.

The inventory list is always displayed in the STATUS menu - Supplies in Void Bastards - Game basics - Void Bastards Guide and Tips

The inventory list is always displayed in the STATUS menu. We recommend often checking it in between missions to keep track of the values. This will allow you to react in some way before stocks of a certain type are exhausted.

The following table presents and discusses the main supply categories:


You need it to travel on the nebula map. 1 jump to another field = 1 fuel consumption. Once you have 2-3 units, avoid trips to empty fields and be sure to explore the FTL/TANKS rooms on subsequent ships.

For more information, visit How to get fuel? page.


It is required to treat characters between missions. 1 jump to another field = consumption of 1 food unit. You can also decide to rest. Depletion of food means that the character begins to starve and lose HP with each subsequent movement in the nebula. Explore all the new ships carefully when you have only a few units of food left.

For more information, visit How to get food and how to heal? page.


They are required to perform authorization on enemy ships (for example, opening a locked container, hacking into a terminal). You can also spend them on new items. We advise you to always have at least 25-30 Merits in stock to be able to perform some particularly useful "hacking".

For more information, check How to collect Merits and what to spend them on?.

Warp Keys

They are needed to perform jumps to more distant fields on the nebula map. This can help you, for example, to quickly get to the ship with a precious lot or to get around pirates or whales. You should always have at least 1 key in stock in case you run into problems.

For more information, visit How to get Warp Key?.


You need them to destroy whales and pirate ships appearing on the nebula map. The attack happens automatically after you find yourself on the same field with the enemy. If you don't have torpedoes, try to stay away from pirates and Void Whales (if you don't have torpedoes, a whale will kill you instantly).

For more information, check How to deal with pirates? page and How to deal with Void Whales?.

Heart Starters

They are available only after the Heart Starter project is complete. Heart Starters are very useful as they allow you to come back to life after you get killed. Thanks to them, you won't lose your current character and be forced to start as another prisoner.

For more information, check How to get a Heart Starter?.


Each weapon in the game has separate ammunition and, over time, the table with ammunition will get more and more positions. Try to use different types of weapons to reduce the risk of running out of all ammunition. This can greatly complicate the game because your character doesn't know any melee moves.

For more information, check How to get ammo?.

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