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Viva Pinata Game Guide by

Viva Pinata Game Guide

Table of Contents

Plants | Designing and maintaining the garden Viva Pinata Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trees and flowers - When it comes to choose between these two types of plants, it is better to concentrate on flowers. They take less place and on some of them (like orchid or bird of paradise) you can gain a pretty penny. Trees are useful especially to lure specific species. Their growth takes more time and taking care of them is more troublesome in general.

Fertilizers - Proper fertilization of plants makes them bigger and more valuable. Every plant needs fertilizer of a specific color. Most of flowers, vegetables and trees require a triple dose, whereat trees need to be fertilized in some time interval. If you want, you can replace all the fertilizers by Special Mix Fertilizer bought at Ivor Bargain, but it's rather expensive. Here is a table of which plants take which fertilizer.




Apple Tree, Chilli, Poppy


Banana Tree, Buttercup, Corn, Daisy, Sunflower


Bird of Paradise, Carrot, Pumpkin


Blackberry Bush, Nightshade Bush, Snapdragon, Tulip, Turnip, Water Lily


Bluebell, Gem Tree


Bullrush, Fir Tree, Hazel Tree, Monkeynut Tree


Gooseberry Bush, Oak Tree, Orchid, Watercress

Purple fertilizer help us to grow a beautiful water lily. - Plants - Designing and maintaining the garden - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Purple fertilizer help us to grow a beautiful water lily.

Time of seeding - If you want to use the help of Sprinkling, you need to take notice when you are seeding new plants. When you'll do it right before the dawn, about 6 a.m., she will be watering plants after she wakes up until the evening. In case you seed them at evening or at night, you must water them by yourself.

Transformation of plants and products - Grown plants and gained products (like milk or honey) can be transformed into new objects with special uses. It is done by Bart. In his shop you need to buy a tinker ticket. They come in different values - bronze, silver and gold. The higher the value purchased (gold being the best), the better chance of a tinker being successful.

  • Bronze ticket - 25%
  • Silver ticket - 50%
  • Gold ticket - 100%

Here is the list of all plants and products that can be transformed. Green color marks the original item, orange the final one and black the use of it.

  • Gooseberry - Gooseberry Fool - Candary, Pigxie, and Pretztail eat for a variant.
  • Banana - Banana split - Barkbark and Zumbug eats for a variant, Moozipan eats to romance.
  • Bread - Sandwich - Swanana eats to become resident, Moozipan eats for a variant.
  • Pumpkin - Jack o' Lantern - Tames Sherbat, Doenut and Arocknid eats for variant.
  • Apple - Toffee apple - Horstachio eats to romance.
  • Blackberry - Blackberry Jam - Zumbug eats to romance, Pudgeon eats for a variant.
  • Gem - Rainbow Gem - Chewnicorn eats to romance.
  • Corn - Bread - Quackberry eats to become resident, Galagoogoo and Ponocky eat for a variant.
  • Monkeynut - Peanut butter - Use unknown.
  • Carrot - Carrot Cake - Jameleon and Reddhott eat for a variant, Ponocky eats to romance.
  • Honey - Bottle of medicine - Tames Crowla. Fizzlybear eats to romance, Barkbark, Buzzenge, Buzzlegum, Cluckles, Fourheads, Kittyfloss, Roario, Swanana, Sweetooth, Syrupent and Twingersnap eat for pink variants.
  • Milk - Cheese - Mousemallow and Parrybo eat for a variant.
  • Toadstool - Mushroom - Tames Profitamole, Macaraccoon and Chippopotamus eat for a variant.
A bit of Bart's magic and we get a brand new product. - Plants - Designing and maintaining the garden - Viva Pinata - Game Guide and Walkthrough
A bit of Bart's magic and we get a brand new product.
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