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Victoria 3 Guide

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Victoria 3: Codes and cheats - list of all Victoria 3 guide

On this page of the Victoria 3 game guide you will find a list of all the codes with which you can modify the gameplay. We also explain how to enable the console to enter cheats.

Last update: Friday, November 4, 2022

The following page lists all cheats for Victoria 3. Thanks to them, you can make the game easier, change the balance of forces on the map or unlock elements that are not available at the moment.

Activating the console

To launch console, press tilde (~). To start cheating, input the contents of the code and confirm by pressing the enter key.

List of all cheats



add_approval (group name) (value)

Increases the approval rating of the selected Interest Group by the indicated value

add_clout (group name) (value)

Increases the clout rating of the selected Interest Group by the indicated amount

add_loyalists (culture name) (value)

Increases the Loyalists population in your country

add_radicals (culture name) (value)

Increases the Radicals population in your country

add_relations (country name) (value)

Improves Relations with the selected country

add_war_support (country name) (value)

Adds War Support with the selected country

annex (country code)

Annexes the selected country

change_law (law name) (country name)

Changes the law to the one chosen by you in the indicated country

Changestatepop (region number) (population name)

Changes the population of the given ragion


Disables artificial intelligence in the game


Enables artificial intelligence in the game


Display list of commands


Causes Government Support to be ignored

Kill_character (character name)

Kills the indicated character

money (value)

Adds money to the treasury


Turns off the possibility of starting Revolutions


Disables the possibility of secession


Switches the view to Observer Mode

own (region code)

Connects the chosen region to your country


Displays population statistics

portrait editor

Enables the Portrait Editor

province borders true

Enables Province borders

province borders false

Disables Province borders

research (technology name)

Instantly researches the chosen technology in your country


Takes a screenshot

set_devastation_level (value)

Sets the Devastation Level of the given region

set_pollution_level (value)

Determines the Pollution Level of a given region


Displays the Settings menu


Skips migration

Switchlanguage (language name)

Changes the language of the game

tag (country name)

You take control of the country of your choice


Displays the current version of the game

wegerate (building name) (value)

Changes the rate of Wages in a given building


Artificial intelligence agrees to all your suggestions

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