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Victoria 3 Guide

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Victoria 3: Game modes Victoria 3 guide

There are 5 game modes available in Victoria 3. This page of the guide will explain to you how the different modules of play differ, as well as what modifications to the game rules can be made to adapt the gameplay to your own needs.

Last update: Friday, October 21, 2022

Each time you start a new playthrough of Victoria 3 you must choose one of five available game modes. This page of the guide lists the differences between the modules and suggests how to adjust gameplay by changing the game's rules.

Available game modes

1 - Victoria 3: Game modes - Basics - Victoria 3 Guide
  1. Learn the Game - this is the tutorial, in which you'll complete a series of objectives designed to teach you the game's basic mechanics.
  2. Economic Dominance - to come out victorious in this mode you must become the world's leading economic power by having the greatest share in the global GDP.
  3. Hegemony - this mode tasks you with achieving the largest global population. To come out victorious you must increase the number of people living in your country and conquer enemy lands.
  4. Egalitarian Society - to come out victorious you must provide the highest living standards for your citizens.
  5. Sandbox - this mode doesn't give you a specific objective. You can play at your own pace and decide what to do by yourself.

Available rules modifications

Before starting the game, there are some settings you can modify to adjust gameplay - Victoria 3: Game modes - Basics - Victoria 3 Guide

Before starting the game, there are some settings you can modify to adjust gameplay. These are:

  1. Achievments - decide whether or not you want to earn achievements during this campaign.
  2. AI Behavior towards Player - this setting affects the attitude other countries have towards you. A lenient attitude means other countries will rarely make claims aimed towards you. A ruthless attitude means they'll be competitive and hostile.
  3. AI Agression - this setting affects how other countries treat you militarily and diplomatically. Low aggression makes other countries less likely to conquer your territory. High aggression means they'll be trying to take your land far more often.
  4. Formable Nations - this setting lets you decide whether you want fictional countries to appear in-game, or do you wish to stick to the historically accurate ones.
  5. Releasable Nations - this setting determines whether all countries can be liberated in-game, or only the historically accurate ones.
  6. Monument Effects - disabling this setting prevents monuments from granting prestige bonuses and special effects. This means they serve only an aesthetic purpose.
  7. Flags for Subjects - this setting determines whether the flags of vassal nations will change depending on their sovereign.
  8. Map Color for Subjects - this setting determines whether the map colors of vassal nations will change when their sovereign changes.
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