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Vampyr Game Guide

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Blood quality and healing citizens in Vampyr Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The game will enable you to "drink" your first victim quite early in the game. However, you have to take into account that there are some factors in Vampyr that affect the blood quality of your potential victims. In addition, many citizens are often ill, which also has a negative impact on the gaining experience.

1 - Blood quality and healing citizens in Vampyr - Districts - Vampyr Game Guide

What is blood quality?

  1. Every citizen has a blood quality bar - a certain number of experience points is displayed on it. This shows how much experience you will gain if you mesmerize the character, take them to a secluded place and suck their blood.
  2. Some characters have blood of better quality, which results in a greater experience gain. However, such people usually also have higher level of mesmerization, which makes it impossible to suck blood from them at a low level.

Illness and medicines

  1. Additionally, every night every inhabitant, even a healthy one, can get ill. There are 9 diseases in the game - the character can get pneumonia, suffer from a headache or just be tired.
  2. For each condition there is a medication that Jonathan can prepare in his safehouse. Just approach your desk and create the medicine you want.
  3. Every medicine requires specific ingredients to be crafted, which we can obtain during the game. Sometimes we can buy them, another time we can find them, or break down some other items to get the materials we are looking for.
  4. Having the medicine, we just need to go to the patient, ask about the state of their health and give them the medicine. This will net us some experience, the blood quality of the citizen will improve, and the next night, the health of the entire district will increase.
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