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Valorant Bind Callouts
Valorant Bind Callouts
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Valorant: Bind map - tips Valorant guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, May 21, 2020

On this page of our guide to Valorant we have prepared a set of tips that can be useful during gameplay on the Bind map.

Bind is a unique map in Valorant because it is the only map that has portals. The latter allow players to quickly move from point A to spot B. There are two Spike planting sites on Bind map which can be accessed through narrow passages - these are crucial for both the attacking and defending team.

  1. Characters with scouting skills are very useful on the Bind map, such as Sova or Cypher. These agents can successfully defend Spike's planting points and keep an eye on the most sensitive points like Bath (Showers) and B Short (B Window).
  2. Remember that portals allow players to move from point A to point B, but do not allow players to return to the previous location. Before you go through the portal, make sure that you don't leave Spike planting site without any protection. If you move to a different place and your opponent is planting a charge at that time, you may not be able to disarm it in time.
  3. Remember that the portals and their gates make a very loud sound when used, which alerts the opposing team that someone has just teleported.
  4. You can flip various items through the portals, such as weapons, but also use your character's skills - grenades, rockets, bullets, orbs, drones.
  5. There are two spheres on the Bind map that can be used to get 1 score points required for Ultimate skill. The first one is located at B Long and the second one at A Bath (Showers). If you have this opportunity, collect them to access your character's ultimate abilities faster.
  6. The portal leading to B Short (B Window) is a quick and effective way to flank the attackers taking over B point.
  7. The most common routes used to launch an attack on Spike A planting site are: Bath (Showers) and A Short.
  8. The most common routes used to launch an attack on Spike B planting site are: B Short (Window) and B Long.

Read more about moving around the map or planting and disarming Spikes here:

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