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Valorant Guide

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Valorant: Beginner's guide & tips Valorant guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tactical shooters like Valorant are very different from regular FPS or Battle Royale games. During gameplay you must work closely with the team, use the character's skills, perform complex actions, use effective weapon range, conserve ammunition, and take care of the economy. In this chapter, you will find a handful of general tips that can positively influence the results achieved during matches in Valorant. The tips are aimed especially at new players who are just beginning their adventure with tactical shooters like Valorant.

  1. Team play! A team that collaborates and works closely together can carry out complex actions and has a better chance of winning. You can read more about team play on a separate page of this guide.
  2. Stay in constant contact with all team members. During gameplay, use a voice chat to relay relevant information to the rest of the team - where the opponent is located, where the Spike has been planted etc. You can read more about communication with the team on a separate page of our guide.
  3. As you move around the map, stick to walls and other obstacles to keep yourself out of sight. You can read more about the proper movement on Valorant maps on a separate page of our guide.
  4. Remember that running around the map makes a loud sound so your opponent will be prepared for your arrival. When moving around the map, it is better to walk (Left Shift key by default) in order to reduce the noise.
  5. If possible, play with headphones and listen to your surroundings. After a while you will be able to locate your opponent's position based on emitted sounds only.
  6. Properly manage your money and resources. During gameplay, players earn credits for which they can buy weapons, armor, and skill charges. Sometimes it is worthwhile to skip the shopping in one round to buy full equipment in the next. You can read more about economy in Valorant on a separate page of our guide.
  7. Remember to spend all credits in the last round of the half of the match, because all your money will be lost when you change sides. Surplus of credits can be spent on equipment for your allies, for example, you can buy them some primary weapons.
  8. Always keep your weapon's sight on your opponent's head so that you can make a quick and deadly headshot if necessary.
  9. Remember that in Valorant all weapons have their effective range. This means that shooting from a distance will cause less damage. You can read more about weapons available in Valorant on a separate page of our guide.
  10. When firing a longer series of bullets, you must correct the targeting position of your crosshair to control the recoil.
  11. By using the action button (F key by default) you can pick up the weapon from the body of a fallen enemy or ally.
  12. Remember that it takes 4 seconds to plant a Spike and 7 seconds to disarm the explosive charge. You can read more about planting and disarming Spike in Valorant on a separate page of our guide.
  13. It is worth remembering that the Sage's Barrier Orb (ice wall) can be quickly destroyed with a knife. Bullets will cause less damage here, and they can alert opponents.
  14. Be careful with area of effect skills - sometimes an opponent can create a lava or acid field just behind a skill that limits the character's visibility. Standing in such an area may quickly reduce your health and even kill your hero.
  15. During the use of Ultimate abilities, the character makes a loud speech that is perfectly audible throughout the map. This way you know you need to increase your vigilance. You can read more about the characters in Valorant on a separate page of our guide.
  16. The use of portals makes a very loud sound. During teleportation, you have to be extremely careful because your opponent may already be waiting on the other side of the door.
  17. It's worth knowing that you can move weapons through portals and even use a character's ability to active it on the other side. You can read more about the use of portals in Valorant on the separate page of our guide.
  18. Initially, there are 5 characters available in Valorant. All other characters can be unlocked by gaining experience and completing Contracts. You can read more about unlocking characters and gaining experience in Valorant on a separate page of this guide.

What NOT to do?

Read about it on a separate page of our guide: Things to AVOID.

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