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Valheim: Fishing rod - where to get one? How to get? Valheim guide, walkthrough

Last update: Thursday, March 25, 2021

On this page of Valheim 's guide, you will learn how to get a fishing rod that makes fishing possible.


First of all, to get the fishing rod you will need gold. It occurs mainly in its "raw" form, i.e. Gold coins that can be earned by defeating certain enemies and exploring ruins, crypts and dungeons.

In addition, there are other valuables scattered around the game world:

  1. amber,
  2. rubies,
  3. amber pearls,
  4. necklaces, etc.

They all include in their description that they belong to "valuables" and how much they are worth in gold. We will need 350 gold pieces to purchase the fishing rod.

The next step will be to find Haldor's buyer - Valheim: Fishing rod - where to get one? How to get? - Crafting and equipment - Valheim Guide

Merchant Haldor

The next step will be to find Haldor's buyer. Unfortunately, there is no single proven method here - in each world its location is random, depending on the seed of the game world.

Therefore, our advice is to stock up on provisions, weapons, armor and of course valuables and head out into the world! Once you have found the merchant Haldor, who you will recognize by the accompanying giant pack animal and the protective runes placed around his store, approach him and start trading with the E key.

A window with his offer will open, where you can cash in your valuables and, most importantly, buy your desired fishing rod. Don't forget to stock up on bait as well. You can only get it from the merchant Haldor and without it, fishing is impossible!

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