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Valheim Guide

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Valheim: Workbench - how to improve? Valheim guide, walkthrough

Last update: Thursday, March 25, 2021

On this page of Valheim 's tutorial you will learn how to raise the level of your workshops. Workshops are an essential part of expansion in Valheim, whether you are building a shelter, equipment or an entire village. More advanced constructions and items require a higher level workshop to construct and/or repair them.

Enhancement system

Workshops (Workbench and Forge) have structures associated with them, and building near a workshop raises its level by one. These are located under the "product" tab of the build menu, and are marked with an asterisk symbol.

The order of construction or type of structure does not matter. The differences between them are only in the materials required for their construction and their size/shape. Improvements cannot be built too close together while remaining close enough to the workshop they improve. This should be taken into consideration when planning a place to insert the main space for manufacturing and repairing items.

We will be informed of the correct distance by a flickering line that will extend between the improvement we are placing and the workshop we are upgrading.

Below you will find a list of upgrades along with the necessary upgrades to construct them - Valheim: Workbench/Workbench - how to improve? - Crafting and equipment - Valheim Guide

List of improvements

Below you will find a list of upgrades along with the necessary upgrades to construct them:

Craft table

Chopping block

  1. Wood x10
  2. Flint x10 (Flint)

Tanning rack

  1. Wood x10
  2. Flint x15 (Flint)
  3. Leather scraps x20
  4. Deer Hide x5


  1. Fine Wood x10
  2. Bronze x3

Tool shelf

  1. Iron x4
  2. Fine Wood x10
  3. Obsidian x4 (Obsidian)


Forge cooler

  1. Fine Wood x15
  2. Copper x10


  1. Wood x5
  2. Bronze x2

Smith's anvil

  1. Iron x20
  2. Wood x5

Forge toolrack

  1. Iron x15
  2. Wood x10

Forge bellows

  1. Wood x5
  2. Deer Hide x5
  3. Chains x4 (Chain)

Grinding wheel

  1. Wood x25
  2. Sharpening Stone x1
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