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Valheim: Swamp - resources, opponents Valheim guide, walkthrough

Biomes: Swamp - available resources, animals, enemies

Last update: Friday, February 19, 2021

On this page of the Valheim guide, you will find information about the Swamp biome. You will learn more about the resources and enemies found here.

Swamps are a biome that you will likely encounter in the later stages of the game. This is because it may not be on the starting island – you will have to sail to another location. It is a very dark place, full of small bodies of water. Additionally, if the biome is adjacent to the Meadows, its inhabitants may move into that biome, increasing the danger of the theoretically safe zone.


Swamps don't offer many resources, but they are unique and necessary for technological progress. These are:

  1. Ancient bark - it grows on trees in Swamps. It can be obtained with a simple stone axe;
  2. Iron ore - you need it to make more advanced equipment and weaponry. It can be found in the crypts located in the Swamps;
  3. Thistle - a plant required for food production.
You will not encounter any animals in the Swamp - Valheim: Swamp - resources, opponents - Biomes - Valheim Guide

Creatures and animals

You will not encounter any animals in the Swamp. However, you will have the chance to face many aggressive creatures such as:

  1. Skeleton - a moderately strong opponent. It often patrols the Swamp areas. It can be equipped with a sword or a bow. After killing it, you will obtain bone fragments.
  2. Draugr - humanoid creatures with a fairly large number of attacks. They can fight at close and long distances. After defeating it, you will receive entrails from which you can make sausage;
  3. Draugr Elite - a more powerful version of the enemy described above. The only difference is that it deals more damage;
  4. Blob - a small enemy of undefined shape. When you get close to it, it will emit a poisonous cloud that will deal damage for 15 seconds. It is best to use a bow to fight them;
  5. Wraith - this enemy appears at night. This enemy is resistant to most attacks, but it is also slow. The easiest way to eliminate it is with a ranged weapon.
  6. Leech - a worm that lives in Swamp's waters. Since water limits combat ability, it is best to eliminate them with a bow.
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