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V Rising Guide

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V Rising: The most important resources - how to get? V Rising guide, walkthrough

This page of the guide to V Rising contains information about the most important raw materials relevant to the beginning of the game, such as whetstone, stone dust, stone brick, grave dust, leather and cloth.

Last update: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

On this page of the V Rising guide, you will find information about the resources that play a serious role at the beginning of the game, such as: whetstone, stone dust, stone brick, grave dust, leather and cloth.


Whetstone is a basic resource when it comes to constructing new structures in the castle. You can find it in various locations of the world or you can craft it yourself. Initially, you'll only be able to find it in various locations. Whetstone is often hidden in chests in mines or bandit camps. They are lit on your map with yellow. When you hover over them you will see if there are Whetstones in it.

Crafting Whetstone on your own is possible only after killing the Grayson the Armorer boss (experience level of 27). For this you need 1 Copper ingot and 12 Stone Dust.

Stone Dust and Stone Brick

To create Stone Dust and Stone Brick you need a Grinder , this is available after building such buildings as Furnace and Sawmill . Just put raw stones into the machine - for each processed stone you will get 1 Stone dust and 1 Stone brick. These are useful, among other things, for the production of Whetstone.

Grave Dust

Grave dust is an essential ingredient for increasing the level of weapons and for creating various items, such as the Gravedigger Ring and the Duskwatcher's Ring . You can get this resource by killing skeletons, preferably at Infested Graveyard and Forgotten Cemetery .

You can also craft grave dust yourself. You will need a Grinder, 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingot and 4 Whetstone for this.


Leather allows you to build additional structures, craft items and upgrade equipment. Thanks to items crafted with it, you can, for example, stay longer in the sun, and thus explore the world better. In the early stages of the game, leather is best obtained by killing animals, e.g. wolves or deer.

In the later stages of the game, you can craft leather yourself. For this, you need to kill Keely the Frost Archer first (level 20)


You will find this resource in rural areas of the map, e.g. around Dawnbreak Village , but it can also be found in enemy camps. You will craft Cloth yourself only after defeating Beatrice the Tailor and creating Loom .

Coarse Thread

Coarse thread can be found in: Bandit Trapper Camp , Bandit Camps , and Bandit Logging Camp .

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