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Urban Empire Game Guide

Good morning, Mr. Mayor!Urban Empire game guide is a collection of valuable advice and tips, which can make the challenges which await you within the game much easier. Individual chapters of the guide have been dedicated to the mechanics that rule over the gameplay.

This unofficial game guide to Urban Empire is a collection of valuable advice and tips, which can make the challenges which await you within the game much easier. Individual chapters of the guide have been dedicated to the mechanics that rule over the gameplay, such as: economics, management, politics or science. All of the mentioned aspects will be clarified in detail, and you will find meaningful advice about each of them, which will allow you to control the gameplay in Urban Empire by yourself, and to adjust its flow to your own playstyle.

Apart from the gameplay aspects mentioned above, the guide also contains descriptions of controls, system requirements and Steam achievements available for the production. The game guide has very rich visual prospects, and indicators attached to the images will help you navigate the contents, and will point you to the most significant elements of the interface.

Urban Empire from the Reborn Games studio is a strategy game, which allows to step into the shoes of a mayor. Beginning from the XIX century, and for the next two centuries, your task will be to stay in power and to transfer it to your children. In order to do that, you must constantly care for the development of your city and for the good of its citizens. Apart from managing, you will also be a member of a political game, the results of which will often depend on the vision of progress of your family or on the personal features of its chief representative. Throughout five eras of development of civilization, you have to face numerous challenges, which get larger in scope and more difficult with each passing second of your rule.

This game guide is a perfect point of entry for players, who have never before had any experience with this type of game, while the veterans of the genre can find invaluable information here, that will allow them to get accustomed to the mechanics of this particular production.

This guide to Urban Empire includes the following:

  1. The description of the interface and controls
  2. The "General Tips" chapter, that is a compendium of the most important advice needed for effective gameplay
  3. The description of the game's basic mechanics
  4. Tips concerning the political, economic and scientific aspects of the game
  5. System requirements and Steam achievements

This game guide has been developed for version 1.1.6 of the game.

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About Urban Empire Game Guide

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last update : February 08, 2017

Guide contains : 11 pages, 107 images.

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Urban Empire Video Game

Urban Empire
  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Fragment Production
  • publisher: Kalypso Media
  • platform: PC

Urban Empire is an economic, city-building simulation game. The action of Urban Empire starts in 1820 and takes place over the course of two hundred years. As decades go by, both the technology and geopolitical conditions change, which constantly provides new challenges. In total, we can play throughout five primary historical periods.

In most games of this genre the player is an impersonal manager of a city, or a mayor at best. In Urban Empire, on the other hand, we control an entire family from which the subsequent mayors originate. Starting out, we choose between four families that have unique traits, defects, and philosophies of development.

In the game, we obviously have to fulfill typical responsibilities of a mayor. Therefore, it is necessary to build infrastructure, plan the districts layout, drive the economic growth as well as to ensure our citizens’ satisfaction and solve their problems. The technological changes, such as electric trams, antibiotics, or the appearance of electronic games, bring both challenges and opportunities to improve the life of our society.

Apart from traditional tasks connected to managing a city, we also have to engage in political and personal affairs. It is necessary to influence members of the city council and to corrupt or blackmail those who oppose us. Such actions have to be done in secrecy in order to keep our family’s name perfectly clean and thus allow our kin to win subsequent elections. The gameplay is enriched by over eight hundred events that require us to making decisions fraught with dire consequences.

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