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Until Dawn Game Guide & Walkthrough

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This is THE End (nobody survives) | Endings Until Dawn Guide

This is THE End

(Gold) Nobody survives.

The easiest way to kill everyone:

  • Jessica - let her die in the episode 4. As Mike chose the slower paths and fail at QTEs.
  • Matt - kill him by making him attack the deer and allow him to fall of the cliff in Episode 6.
  • Emily - episode 8. Ignore the QTEs and let wendigo kill her.
  • Chris - let wendigo kill him during chase from the Episode 8.
  • Ashley - follow the "weird noises" in the mines from the Episode 9. Open the flap in the door what will allow wendigo to kill her.
  • Josh - Episode 10. Don't collect the information about Hannah turning into wendigo which normally you may find next to the watermill.
  • Sam - she may die only during Episode 10. When she will try to hide from the wendigo in the shelter wait for the moment, when she needs to stay still. Move to kill her.
  • Mike - if Sam will not kill him by turning the light in the end of the Episode 10 he may do it by himself.

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