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Trophies | Clues and totems - locations Until Dawn Guide

Scream Too!

(Silver) Mike cuts off his fingers when he gets caught by the bear trap in the mortuary during the Episode 5. Using the machete to escape will not unlock this trophy

The Psycho Path

(Silver) Sam or Ashley attacks the psychopath with a weapon. Sam may attack him with a baseball bat in the Episode 5 if she has hidden it during the episode 2, while she is with Josh in the basement. Ashley may use the scissors during the Episode 8 if she has taken them from the desk during the Episode 6. They are next to the Lightbulb Catalogue.

Fatal Grudge

(Bronze) Chris decides to shoot toward Ashley when they are locked in the basement (Episode 6). This decision makes it unable to save Chris later on however it allows you to unlock the Ashley Snaps trophy.

Ashley Snaps

(Silver) Ashley does not allow Chris to enter the house and leaves him to die during the Episode 8. To unlock this trophy Chris need to get to this building (he has to survive the wendigo attack) or if Chris tried to shoot himself during the episode 6.

The Exorcism of Emily

(Bronze) Mike kills Emily in a basement during the Episode 8 even though later on she appears to not be a threat. This trophy makes it impossible to unlock the Let eM In trophy and the They All Live trophy.

To unlock this trophy Emily can't have the pistol signal during the Episode 6. She has to either fire from it toward the sky or give it to Matt.

Let eM In

(Bronze) Mike allows Emily to stay in the basement in Episode 8. This trophy is the opposite side of The Exorcism of Emily trophy.

To unlock this trophy Emily can't have the pistol signal during the Episode 6. She has to either fire from it toward the sky or give it to Matt.

Don's Scare Jessica To Death

(Silver) Jessica has to survive. To achieve that you have to save her as Mike in episode 4 and also she has to hide herself from wendigo (either alone or with Matt). She can't run away.

The Skillful Wolf Man

(Gold) Wolf survives as the Mike's companion in the sanctuary and escorts him to the exit. In Episode 5 you can't attack the wolf and you also need to throw him a bone which you may find in the chest. In episode 9 the wolf will return. To keep him alive don't fail at the QTEs and in the last part barricade the door instead of running away.

You Let The Wrong One In!

(Bronze) Ashley or Chris has opened the booby-trapped door and allowed the monster to get inside during the Episode 9. It will happen in the mine. You have to study the "weird noises" and open the flap in the floor, which will be used by the wendigo.

Instant Inferno

(Bronze) Sam used the switch and set the entire shelter on fire during the last part of the Episode 10. It is a bad ending since it kills Mike as well.

The Tale of The Two Sisters

(Gold) Collect all The Two Sisters clues.

You Opened Their Eyes

(Gold) Collect all The Mystery Man clues.

The Fateful Descent

(Gold) Collect all The 1952 clues.

Night Of the Totem Hunter

(Gold) Find all the totem and unlock the secret video about the past events.

Four Daughters of Darkness

(Gold) All the women survives. This trophy does not require any man to die.

The Quicker Man

(Gold) All the men survives. This trophy does not require any woman to die.

They All Live

(Gold) Everyone survives.

Below, you can find a digest of events and of what needs to be done to make all eight friends survive.

Episode 4

If the fourth episode, Jessica may die. Regardless of the choices that you have made earlier, before you reach the cottage and Jess is kidnapped, when Mike starts his chase after the girl, you cannot skip the arcade actions, nor take the longer path (take shortcuts) more than once. As soon as you find Jess in the mine on the elevator, during the cutscene, take a closer look at the body - if you can only see a cut on the chest, she will live. If her mandible is ripped off, you do not meet her ever again.

Episode 5

When as Matt, with Emily, you reach the station, disagree with the idea of going to the tower. This is not a compulsory option, but it will make it easier to make decisions later on and allows you to reach the best solution possible.

Episode 6

In episode six, you need to rescue more people. Starting with Matt: in the beginning scene do not attack the bucks, if you do, you can survive only if you perform the arcade actions. Later on, you find a signal pistol on the tower. Depending on your decisions in episode five, you now have two options:

  • If, in episode 5 as Matt, you refused to go to the tower, give Matt the pistol. He does not fire it and therefore, he will be able to defend himself from wendigo (while falling down from the tower, try to save Emily twice).
  • If Matt wants to go to the tower, he uses the signal pistol right after he receives it from Emily. The only way to save him is not to rescue Emily after the tower collapses, and to jump over to the rocky ledge to save yourself.

In the final scene of this episode, Chris needs to decide whether he wants to save Ashley, or himself. It is necessary that you pull the trigger next to your head - thanks to this, you an save Chris in episode eight.

Episode 8

There are two key moments in this episode. First, as Emily, you need to escape from the wendigo in the mine. The only way to do this is perform all of the arcade actions. Optionally, If Emily has the signal pistol on her (she did not give it to Matt in episode six) she needs to shoot the wendigo past the last door, or she dies. If she does not have the pistol, she does not die, but she gets wounded.

In the next scene, if you led Emily to safety and she got wounded (she did not have the pistol), you need to decide whether she is to live or to die, by shooting her or waiting for the time to perform the action to elapse. It is Mike that does this. Both decisions, in spite of the death a protagonist, reward you with a minor trophy.

The final scene is Chris's escape from the wendigo. After the Stranger dies, the chase to the shelter stats. Along your path, you need to perform two arcade actions, and fire at the wendigo three times. If you miss it, at least once, Chris dies. If, in episode 6 you did not point the pistol at yourself and at Ashley instead - Chris dies (he will not be admitted into the building).

Episode 9

In episode 9 Ashley may die, but this can be easily avoided. As soon as the group enters the mine, and Ash lags behind a little bit, you can examine the strange sounds by getting separated from the group even more (you find one of the totems there) but, under no circumstances should you open the trapdoor in the floor. If you do not open the trapdoor, you will rejoin the group after a while.

Episode 10

In episode 10 nearly all of the protagonists may die. First, as Sam, with Mike, as soon as you enter the water reservoir, examine the entrance to the left of the mill, where you find Hannah's journal that ensures Josh's survival.

Another scene happens if Jessica (and optionally Matt) survives and gets to the mines. Since Jess is wounded, each time (2x), when you are asked to make a decision, you need to hide and stand still.

The last scene is where the protagonists are in the shelter. You play as Sam and there are two things that you need to do: first, rescue Mike, then hide and stand still for as long as all of the friends get out of the cottage. Under no circumstances, should you run to the light switch before that, or Mike dies.

This is THE End

(Gold) Nobody survives.

The easiest way to kill everyone:

  • Jessica - let her die in the episode 4. As Mike chose the slower paths and fail at QTEs.
  • Matt - kill him by making him attack the deer and allow him to fall of the cliff in Episode 6.
  • Emily - episode 8. Ignore the QTEs and let wendigo kill her.
  • Chris - let wendigo kill him during chase from the Episode 8.
  • Ashley - follow the "weird noises" in the mines from the Episode 9. Open the flap in the door what will allow wendigo to kill her.
  • Josh - Episode 10. Don't collect the information about Hannah turning into wendigo which normally you may find next to the watermill.
  • Sam - she may die only during Episode 10. When she will try to hide from the wendigo in the shelter wait for the moment, when she needs to stay still. Move to kill her.
  • Mike - if Sam will not kill him by turning the light in the end of the Episode 10 he may do it by himself.

A Symphony of Horror Trophies)

(Platinum) Find all the trophies.

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