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Two Worlds II Game Guide by

Two Worlds II Game Guide

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Skillbooks | Listings Two Worlds II Guide


Skills can be developed only after you find and read the Skillbook. Some of them are available from the beginning, some of them you will receive during story missions. You can also purchase books from shopkeepers for a very exorbitant price, or complete them all on Erimos island - just by finding them or doing specific quests. The following tables shows where you can find a specific skillbook.

Warrior skills



Defensive Stance

Obtain in quest [The Rescue]

Dirty Trick

[Alsorna], close to the Prophet's throne (M1:1)

Defensive Thrust

Principal in quest [The Escort]

Fire Strike

Inside chest on the ashes [Savannah - northern part] (M7:3), quest [Site of a fire]

Radial Barrage

Captain's tent [Hatmandor Region] (M25:2)

Blunt Force

[Cave of Crystal Golems] (M29:1)

Shield Pull

Sergeant's flat, quest [Hand of Justice]

Block Breaker

Obtain in quest [The Rescue]

Battle Cry

Corpse [Hatmandor Region] (M25:3)

Humbling Blow

In a cave [Dragon Slayers' Den] (M28:1), quest [Dragon Carapace]


Obtain in quest [The Rescue]

Thrust Strike

[Underground Temple] (M34:1), quest [Maliel's Tear]

Ranger skills



Multi Arrow

Obtain in quest [The Rescue]

Ranger Precision

Inside chest on the ashes [Savannah - northern part] (M7:2)

Steady Hand

Obtain in quest [The Rescue]

Starting Draw

Obtain after completing quest [The Escort]

Quick Draw

Inside the chest by the gate [Hatmandor Region] (M25:4)


Blacksmith house, quest [Weaponry]


[Forgotten Temple Ruins - Higher Level] (M31:2)

Fire Arrow

Nortar's room [Alsorna - undergrounds - Alsorna Interiors] (M2:2)

Ice Arrow

Warehouse [Desert] (M32:1), quest [Getting to Hatmandor]

Distraction Arrow

Inside the chest in a hiding place, quest [The Package]

Poison Arrow

Obtain after completing quest [The Elimination Job]

Mage skills



Air Mastery

Your room in [Alsorna - undergrounds - Alsorna Interiors] (M2:1). You will get the access in quest [A Place to Stay]

Fire Mastery

Obtain in quest [The Prophet]

Water Mastery

Obtain in quest [The Prophet]

Earth Mastery

Chest in [Hatmandor Sewers] (M33:1)

Necromancy Mastery

Chest in [Gorlag's Cave] (M26:1)


Jarrad mother's room, quest [Getting to Hatmandor]

Talented Tongue

Mages guild [Hatmandor Region] (M25:1), in a room with bulletin board

Elemental Focus

Available from the beginning


On a shelf in the basement, quest [Palm grove]

Battle Clarity

Mages guild, Dattan's room [Hatmandor Region] (M25:1), quest [Mages Guild Master]

Sorcery Artisan

Obtain after completing quest [The Delivery]

Assassin skills




[Forgotten Temple Ruins - Higher Level] (M31:1)


Obtain in quest [Jail Break]

Death Strike

Obtain in quest [The Rescue]


Obtain in quest [Jail Break]


[Hatmandor Sewers] (M33:2)

Crafting skills




Obtain in quest [Sokaris]

Armor Reinforcement

Inside the chest in [Clay-cold Den] (M17:1), quest [Unexpected danger]

Weapon Forging

At the top of the lighthouse [Savannah - northern part] (M7:1)

Shield Casting

Sangaire in quest [Coursed Blood]

Archery Craftsmanship

Warriors guild [Desert] (M32:2)


Obtain in quest [Veterinarian practice]


Obtain in quest [Sokaris]

General skills




Available from the beginning

Elemental Resistance

Available from the beginning

Poison Resistance

Available from the beginning

Physical Resistance

Available from the beginning


Obtain in quest [Jail Break]

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