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Two Point Hospital Game Guide by

Two Point Hospital Game Guide

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How to control hospital parameters in Two Point Hospital? Two Point Hospital Guide and Tips

At Two Point Hospital it is important that you keep track of all the major parameters of the hospital. This way you will be able to find out how individual indicators affect patient satisfaction and what needs to be improved. The control is facilitated by the system of screen overlays from the View tab. Below, you will find a list of the most important parameters that you should pay attention to.


In the first hospitals, this aspect is completely ignored. However, you will have to control it carefully in the future. Most of the areas in which hospitals are located are the zones with unfavorable temperatures. In cold climates, heating is required so that your patients don't get cold. You need to make sure that there are enough radiators in each room. There are three types of radiators. Each has a different heating area. That is why you have to choose the right radiators for your rooms. In 3x3 and 4x4 rooms it is enough to use ordinary radiators, in case of larger rooms buy large radiators. You have to be careful cause the temperature can't get too high either. You can check the temperature in the hospital using the appropriate overlay from the View tab.

Visible temperature difference in two parts of a one room. - How to control hospital parameters in Two Point Hospital? - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
Visible temperature difference in two parts of a one room.

If it's too cold, the area will be marked in blue color. If it's too hot, the area will turn red. If the temperature is too high, it will also be associated with a drop in satisfaction. This will happen in hospitals in hot areas. In order to lower it, you have to put an air conditioner in the right place. Although there are only two types of air conditioners - setting them is the same as for radiators.

Hygiene and toilet availability

Of course, all people in the hospital have their needs. In order to meet these needs, a toilet must be installed in every hospital building. Otherwise, your patients and staff will take care of their needs on the floor, which will significantly reduce the aesthetic value of the hospital. Toilets do not have to be especially large. In most cases, two cabins are sufficient.

However, there is also a problem with the drop in hygiene that accompanies every user of the bathroom and a number of other facilities in the hospital, such as a fountain. This means that each use of toilet lowers the overall hygiene rate of the patient. It can be raised in two ways. The first one are the sinks in the toilet. However, they are only used by people who also use the toilet. Therefore, the second solution is much better - containers with disinfectants. You can put them up literally anywhere, so they are easily accessible to anyone who wants to use them.

Thirst and hunger

Another types of basic needs of patients and staff. With separate overlays on both of these needs, you can assess the demand for products that will be able to meet their needs. Of course, you won't be able to put up a café in every building, because it takes up too much space.

When reacting to an increased number of hungry and thirsty people in a given area, the best way is to place appropriate vending machine in it. Thanks to this patients will be able to quickly satisfy their needs without moving too far from the queue. Of course, the vending machines will not function indefinitely. From time to time, they require a maintenance of janitor who has to fill them up. Therefore, increasing the number of vending machines is connected with increasing the number of employed janitors. It is also good that apart from filling the machines, they don't have too many duties and tasks - so they can keep up with the refills.


This is a very inconspicuous, but very essential element judged by everyone in the hospital. It is especially important when you want to impress the VIP. The nicer the room, the better your hospital is rated and the patients feel better in it. However, it is very difficult to work out a sufficiently high attractiveness. This is largely due to the small range of beauty items and facilities.

An exemplary view of the difference in the attractiveness of rooms. - How to control hospital parameters in Two Point Hospital? - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
An exemplary view of the difference in the attractiveness of rooms.

Definitely the best option when it comes to attractiveness is to put up an appropriate number of flowers. They definitely increase the attractiveness of the hospital. The problem starts when you have to water them. If the plant wilts, it will lose its attractiveness. Therefore, a large number of flowers is connected with a large number of janitors, who will be able to keep up with watering.

Of course, attractiveness can also be reduced. The reason for this are the different types of rubbish that patients leave behind if they can't find litter bins. In this case it is enough to increase the amount of rubbish bins in problematic places. The second type of waste which spoils the attractiveness of the hospital are the remains of hazards and debris. Each earthquake will leave different types of waste in your hospital. Cleaning them will require a janitor.

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