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Two Point Hospital Game Guide by

Two Point Hospital Game Guide

Table of Contents

Patients in Two Point Hospital Two Point Hospital Guide and Tips

Patient satisfaction in Two Point Hospital plays an important role. It affects the reputation of your hospital. The higher the percentage of satisfied customers, the higher the reputation. That's why you need to take great care of your patients.

Satisfaction and health bars can be seen by clicking on the patient. - Patients in Two Point Hospital - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
Satisfaction and health bars can be seen by clicking on the patient.

Diagnosis and waiting time

Availability of different diagnostic methods is essential. A 100% reliable diagnosis is the basis for effective treatment. If the certainty of diagnosis is lower, the patient treatment may turn out to be lethal. Therefore, if you receive a message indicating that there are no further diagnostic methods available, you must take appropriate action as soon as possible and place another type of diagnostic room.

The waiting time for a specific examination or procedure is also very important. Patients easily get upset when the queue to a surgery is too long. So if you see that there is a queue forming before one of the rooms, you have to put up another room of this type as soon as possible. If the patients wait too long, they will simply leave the hospital before the treatment is completed.

Screen filters will allow you to monitor a single parameter across the entire hospital. - Patients in Two Point Hospital - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
Screen filters will allow you to monitor a single parameter across the entire hospital.

Another important aspect that affects the condition of patients (and the staff) is meeting their specific needs. Everyone in the hospital must have access to food, drinks, toilets, hygiene facilities and entertainment. So you have to make sure that they have easy access to all of the aforementioned elements. When it comes to eating and drinking, the best option is a café, which meets both needs at once for quite a long time. However, it is a quite large room, so it is not possible to put it in every building. Therefore, automatic vending machines are a good alternative. These are relatively small objects that can be placed almost anywhere. This allows you to put them in more busy places where access to the café is limited. They do not satisfy the needs as well as the aforementioned room, but for a certain period of time they should suffice.

Hygiene in Two Point Hospital

In the case of hygiene, however, you must make sure that your hospital has as many points as possible where the people can wash their hands. The best way to do this is to place the disinfectant containers in as many places as possible. In this way, patients and doctors will be able to use it freely. Hygiene is also linked to the use of the toilet. Each of your buildings should have at least one toilet. The basic version of the building does not require the installation of a wash basin, but it is extremely important from the point of view of hygiene. When you leave the cabin, the hygiene of the user decreases. If there is no wash basin in the toilet, the user will not have a chance to restore it to the previous level.

Entertainment is the last need you need to provide to your patients. Different types of objects are designed for this purpose. From bookcases to gaming machines. As in the case of vending machines, they do not take up a lot of space, so you can put them up in quite a large number. Book shelves and magazine racks are particularly effective. Several patients can use one such facility at the same time. This increases the maximum number of people able to satisfy a given need.

If the patient is too dissatisfied due to their need being unprovided for, they will leave the hospital before the end of treatment. Where their needs have been met, they affect the hospital's opinion, but only to a limited extent. The final opinion is affected mostly by whether the patient has been successfully treated or not. The information on what affects the chances of successful treatment and how to increase it can be found in the "Why do my patients die?" chapter of our guide.

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