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Two Point Hospital Game Guide by

Two Point Hospital Game Guide

Table of Contents

Hospital's Reputation in Two Point Hospital Two Point Hospital Guide and Tips

Every hospital has its own reputation. In Two Point Hospital, your reputation will depend on the number of patients who visit your hospital. The higher the reputation of your hospital is, the more patients you have and the greater the income you receive. Reputation depends on several factors, which can affect it in a positive or a negative way. The following chapter describes the most important aspects that affect the reputation.

The key factor, which affects your hospital in a positive way, is its size. The more buildings and cabinets you have the greater the reputation is. The type of rooms that you build will also play a significant role. Rooms of higher value will increase the reputation faster. The prestige of your rooms is of equal importance. Improve it to increase your reputation even further.

Its easy to check the prestige of your rooms. - Hospitals Reputation in Two Point Hospital - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
It's easy to check the prestige of your rooms.

Pay attention to your patients' opinions. If a treatment was successful and all of the patient's needs were satisfied, your patient will leave your hospital happy. This will increase the probability that he/she recommends your hospital and the facility will earn some reputation. If a patient dies in your hospital, your reputation will decrease. Thus, you need to pay attention to your staff's expertise and upgrade your medical equipment when possible - you will increase the likelihood of treating a patient and your reputation won't be damaged.

Your reputation can also be affected by so-called emergencies and visitations. These are tasks that will occur once in a while, and you don't have to accept them. Emergencies require you to take a certain number of patients and cure them in a given amount of time. If you succeed in treating at least 50% of the patients, you will complete the task and receive a cash reward and your reputation will increase. If you fail, the reputation will decrease. In the case of visitations, the process is very similar. You will need to impress a VIP with the prestige and the design of your hospital. If the VIP leaves your hospital happy, your reputation will increase. Otherwise, your reputation will decrease.

An example of an emergency. - Hospitals Reputation in Two Point Hospital - Mechanics - Two Point Hospital Game Guide
An example of an emergency.

The last factor that affects your reputation is marketing. There are two marketing directions that can be used to improve the reputation: general marketing and marketing focused on a specific attribute. The effectiveness of your campaign depends on the selected option and its length. Extending duration of a campaign will cost more money, thus one should try not to keep a campaign running for too long. This is especially true as the reputation will increase only after the campaign is over. It's best to select campaigns which run up to 4 months - this solution should not cost you too much and the increase of your reputation will still be noticeable.

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