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Two Point Hospital Game Guide

Two Point Hospital Game Guide

Gaming industry first aid. A guide to Two Point Hospital provides answers for all difficulties and mechanics found in the game. It will help you to diagnose and treat any illness. Also, check our tips about diseases, medical staff, surgeries, and learn how to earn money fast.

Last update: Monday, September 17, 2018

Welcome on the ward. The goal of Two Point Hospital is to run your own chain of hospitals. Of course, the task won't be easy. You not only have to help your patients but also to keep developing your hospital empire.

This guide contains information that will help you run your own hospitals. Here, you can find tips on the gameplay mechanics such as managing your staff or controlling your finances. The guide also contains an appendix where you can learn about the game's system requirements and controls. This chapter also contains descriptions of the achievements along with our tips on how to get them.

Two Point Hospital is an economic strategy game developed by Two Point Studios. The game's mechanics focus on finding balance between finances and the needs of your patients and staff. Thanks to that you will be able to gradually increase your reputation. This, in turn, will help your business to grow.

General tips

  1. Don't economize on vending machines - these objects are rather small and they can be placed everywhere. Thanks to them your patients will be able to buy food even when they are waiting in a line to visit a doctor. Vending machines will reduce the number of hungry people in your hospital.
  2. Pay attention to your patients' satisfaction - every patient judges your hospital constantly. Besides the effectiveness of treatment, they also pay attention to, e.g. number of available toilets, overall cleanness of your hospital or accessibility to food and drinks. Patients who are happy with your hospital are more likely to recommend it to their friends.
  3. Reputation is important - the number of new patients is determined by patients' satisfaction and your overall reputation. You can increase your reputation by placing new buildings and offices (the more advanced the better), and by completing various tasks given to you by your employees. Also, you can always use marketing.
  4. Don't be afraid to give promotions to your employees - every promotion means a rise in an employee's salary. Usually, you will have to pay a few thousands more. Remember that the pays determine how much your employees earn in a year. This means that you won't spend that much more per month.
  5. Train your employees - every employee has certain abilities (except students). They inform you how well a given employee can perform various tasks. Some of the abilities have a few levels - increasing them will improve an employee's efficiency. Try to organize training courses to help your staff.
  6. Manage your space well - after some time you will need to place new buildings. Don't use them only for one goal, e.g. to run diagnostics. Try to manage your free space in a such way that every building would have rooms both for diagnostics and treatment. By doing that you can shorten the time in which your patients can go back to good health.
  7. Pay attention to staff assignments - your staff can switch jobs without informing you about this. Use the staff menu to give them tasks - thanks to that you will limit the number of employees switching their jobs with others.


In this chapter you can learn about the gameplay mechanics. The most important are:

  1. Staff - they are the backbone of your hospital. Read this chapter to learn how to manage your employees and take care of their needs.
  2. Finances - your hospital is supposed to cure people, but won't be able to, if it runs out of money. This chapter will introduce you to cash management.
  3. Illnesses - each illness you'll encounter is different. This chapter will provide a complete list of all the illnesses encountered in the game.
  4. Reputation - one more important aspect of running a hospital is the reputation. Reputation influences the amount of patients. This chapter will tell you how to raise your reputation.


This chapter will answer questions that may appear during the game. These include:

  1. How to upgrade hospital equipment and facilities? - the chances for successful treatment depend not only the competence of your workers, but also on the condition of the equipment they'll have to use. This chapter will introduce you to equipment upgrades.
  2. Why are my patients dying? - if the death rate in your hospital is suspiciously high, you can find out what may be the cause of it.

Controls and system requirements

Here, you can find information on various technical aspects of the game such as:

  1. System requirements - learn which PC configurations can run this game.
  2. Controls - this part will help you learn the default controls schematics.

About Two Point Hospital Game Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : August 31, 2018

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Two Point Hospital Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Two Point Studios
  • publisher: SEGA
  • platform: PC

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