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Tropico 6 Guide

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Tropicoland Tropico 6 guide, tips

Last update: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tropicoland is a stage in Tropico 6 focusing on tourism. Creating a luxurious resort and not going bankrupt at the same time will require a lot of effort. Below, you will find information that will help you achieve this goal.

The archipelago is extremely dispersed. Outside the main island, you have a large number of smaller ones at your disposal. Most of them can accommodate several buildings at most. All flat, sandy islets and the one with ruins should be left for tourism. You can manage the rest by focusing on the industry.

Due to the fact that the whole mission takes place in modern times, you have access to all possible buildings available in the game. Initially, develop simpler industries such as rum and cigarette production. Start training workers for secondary education as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to fully base your production on the Hydroponic Plantation. This will make you independent of soil quality and save space.

When you raise some funds, invest in more advanced industries - Tropicoland - Islands Walkthrough - Tropico 6 Guide

When you raise some funds, invest in more advanced industries. The deposits on the islands will allow you to produce cars, electronics, and medicines. Oil on the island is abundant and it is therefore particularly profitable to invest in an industry based on oil processing.

You also have a deposit of uranium, which will allow you to generate huge amounts of electricity with the help of a Nuclear Power Plant.

One of the tourist settlements. - Tropicoland - Islands Walkthrough - Tropico 6 Guide
One of the tourist "settlements".

The main objective of the task is to develop a sufficiently high TAO indicator. You do it by setting up new tourist attractions and performing a number of tasks. They require you to bring tourists from different categories to the island. That's why you have to set up attractions that will satisfy all types of tourists. In addition, to save space on the islands, build Cruise Ships. This is the most ordinary hotel on the water.

If you want to earn extra money on the tourists, you can build the Airport and buy the Duty Free Shop upgrade. Thanks to this, every adult tourist will leave additional money at the airport.

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