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Trek to Yomi Guide by

Trek to Yomi Guide

Table of Contents

Trek to Yomi: Difficulty levels Trek to Yomi guide, walkthrough

This Trek to Yomi guide page contains a summary and description of the difficulty levels, as well as a recommendation for the best difficulty level to finish the game.

Last update: Monday, May 9, 2022

On this page of the Trek to Yomi guide, you can find information about the 4 available difficulty levels. You will learn the main differences between them, what unique features the highest difficulty level - Kensei has, and which difficulty level is the best for completing the game for the first time.

All 4 difficulty levels

The three basic difficulty levels in Trek to Yomi are - Trek to Yomi: Difficulty levels - Basics - Trek to Yomi Guide

The three basic difficulty levels in Trek to Yomi are:

  1. Kabuki - the equivalent of the low difficulty level.
  2. Bushido - the equivalent of the normal difficulty level.
  3. Ronin - the equivalent of a high difficulty level.

For completing the game for the first time, we recommend the Bushido difficulty level. It is a good compromise if you are looking for some challenge but do not want to experience a lot of frustration while getting to know the game and all the fighting mechanics. When playing at Bushido level, you shouldn't expect an easy game. The character can easily die, and you will probably be forced to repeat some fights, especially boss fights and longer sections between shrines. However, you shouldn't experience a situation where some opponent you encounter turns out to be completely unbeatable, and you have to surrender. Of course, you will need to develop your character thanks to the upgrades and new skills you find, and learn to use all the most important moves, especially parry.

The low difficulty level is clearly easier and allows you to complete the entire game without much frustration (the only exception may be the end boss fight). However, we do not recommend it, except for situations where you are only interested in learning the game's story and unlocking one of its endings. The Ronin difficulty level, in turn, can make it very difficult for you to progress while getting to know the game and learning all the main techniques. We recommend that you choose it only when you replay the campaign, e.g. to unlock a different ending of the adventure.

There is also an additional difficulty level - Kensei in the game, which can be called the highest difficulty level - Trek to Yomi: Difficulty levels - Basics - Trek to Yomi Guide

There is also an additional difficulty level - Kensei in the game, which can be called the highest difficulty level. However, the changes do not just affect the strength of enemies or weaken the main character. It is characterized by completely new rules:

  1. Each regular enemy can die after 1 successful attack. Unfortunately, this feature does not apply to bosses.
  2. Hiroki can also die after 1 hit - and this feature replaces the classic Health bar, which allows you to survive a series of attacks on lower difficulty levels.

If you play the game on the Kensei difficulty level, you definitely have to change your playing style. On the one hand, it forces you to play very carefully so that none of the opponents' attacks can reach the hero, and on the other hand, it allows you to deal with regular opponents much faster than before when you needed to land a few blows. Boss fights are also clearly more difficult - you will need to learn about all the unique attacks of the bosses and perform flawless parries, blocks, and dodges.

Difficulty level and trophies

Trek to Yomi has 2 trophies related to the difficulty level:

  1. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - You have to complete the game on the Ronin difficulty level.
  2. Unstoppable - You have to complete the game in the Kensei mode, the highest difficulty level.

To unlock all the remaining trophies, you can play on the lowest difficulty level - getting them will still be available. What's more, choosing the lowest difficulty can make it much easier for you, for example, to unlock achievements related to defeating bosses without losing Health.

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