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Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide by

Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

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Table of Contents

Available detectors in Treasure Hunter Simulator Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide and Tips

The main goal of Treasure Hunter Simulator is to search and collect valuable treasures. A good treasure hunter needs the right tools. This chapter contains the list and descriptions of all available detectors in the game.

In-game detectors. - Available detectors in Treasure Hunter Simulator - Gameplay mechanics - Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide
In-game detectors.

Characteristics of the detectors

Let's start with the differences between the available devices. The game features 8 different detectors which are used by the player to find treasures. These devices have two stats:

  1. Object Size - the size of a treasure hidden under the ground. They are divided into Small, Medium, and Large categories.
  2. Depth - the depth at which your detector is able to find treasures - Shallow, Middle, and Deep.

These stats determine which type of a treasure you can find and dig out. If a level is full of small and shallow treasures (the briefing screen allows you to check the size and depth of the treasures) and you have a detector for medium treasures hidden at a middle depth, you won't be able to locate the small ones. The rule is always the same - you can dig out only those treasures (regarding their size and depth) that can be detected with your device.

Jeymar LB 1019MK

The starting detector. It doesn't require any Prestige, and it allows you to detect small and shallow treasures - this means that it will quickly become obsolete.

Frankie Z AGU 200

The second detector - you unlock it after the first few missions. Allows you to find medium and shallow treasures. Remember, this detector is useless for small treasures (you can locate them by using the first detector).

Perfecto Pathfinder B

The third detector unlocked in the game and the first one that allows you to locate large and shallow treasures. It won't allow you to detect small and medium objects.

Woy-Tech T21

The fourth detector unlocked in the fourth location. This one brings a change - it allows you to locate and detect small and medium treasures at shallow and middle depth. Stick with this detector until you unlock Frankie Z D14 - this one allows you the largest number of treasures at this Prestige level.

Jeymar K15L

The modified version of the previous detector which allows you to detect medium and large treasures at shallow and middle depth. Less useful than Woy-Tech T21 - the maps unlocked with this detector have small and medium treasures.

Frankie Z D14

This sixth detector introduces another innovation - it allows you to detect small items located at a shallow, middle, and deep depth. However, don't bother with getting this one - skip it and go for Perfecto Pathfinder A which is unlocked along with Frankie Z D14.

Perfecto Pathfinder A

This detector offers a lot of versatility - use it to find small and medium treasures located at a shallow, middle, and deep depth. Because of that, Perfecto Pathfinder A is a great choice regardless of which map you chose.

Woy-Tech K22-H3D

The last, eighth, detector has the best stats. It allows you to find every type of treasure - small, medium, and large - hidden at every depth - shallow, middle, and deep. Once you unlock it, there is no point in using any other detector. This one will allow you to find treasures in every location.

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