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Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

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How to unlock new locations in Treasure Hunter Simulator? Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide and Tips

Your adventure with Treasure Hunter Simulator begins with a tutorial stage, then you'll land in Bavarian Lake, the first fully-fledged map. Along with your progress, you'll unlock new locations that will enable you to find interesting and valuable items and explore interesting areas. This chapter contains tips on how to unlock new locations and how many locations are in game.

The map of the world, along with all of the available locations. - How to unlock new locations in Treasure Hunter Simulator? - Basics - Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide
The map of the world, along with all of the available locations.

Simply put, unlocking new locations involves completing missions. When you enter a new location, you can choose (by visiting the "E-MAIL" tab, accessible from the computer found in the base) from one main mission and 1-3 side missions. When you enter the location, complete the main mission and return to base, a new main mission will be unlocked. Repeat the process to complete 3 main missions - you'll unlock access to a new location. Then repeat everything from the beginning - each location contains 3 main missions that unlock new areas.

Currently, the game offers 10 locations that are unlocked in the following order:

  1. Bavarian Lake;
  2. Slovakian Valley;
  3. Tenczyn Castle;
  4. Scottish Coast;
  5. Scandinavian Cave;
  6. Irish Cliffs;
  7. Sirian Temple;
  8. Jordan's Lost City;
  9. Oman Oasis;
  10. Forgotten Isle.

Note - when you complete the final main mission on Forgotten Isle, you'll unlock access to a second mode - Exploration Mode. The new mode is different from the standard campaign - you automatically receive access to all locations and equipment, without having to increase your prestige level.

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