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Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide

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How to increase my Prestige in Treasure Hunter Simulator? Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide and Tips

Treasure Hunter Simulator contains a character development mechanic, called "Prestige". Prestige is the experience level of your hero. The player begins on level 1 and his goal is to advance to new levels, up to the final, tenth one. How to increase Prestige fast and efficiently? This will be the topic of the following chapter.

A Prestige Increased screen. - How to increase my Prestige in Treasure Hunter Simulator? - Basics - Treasure Hunter Simulator Guide
A "Prestige Increased" screen.

To begin with, it should be mentioned that prestige is not influenced by found items - regardless of their amount and quality. To increase Prestige, you need to complete main and side missions. All missions can be found in E-MAIL, a tab found on your computer. The missions are divided into two groups - main, which are required to push the story forward and unlock new locations, and side missions, completed to gain additional prestige.

To quickly gather a lot of Prestige, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Skip treasure hunting. If you currently have only a single side mission that requires finding a given amount of treasure or garbage, skip it and return to base to activate additional missions instead. Make it a habit, as some of the missions involve the same objectives - you may receive a main and side mission that has the same objective, for example, both missions require getting a given amount of treasure.
  2. Focus on story missions. These allow you to gain 10 times more prestige rather than side missions, and completing them may take up less than a minute. On the other hand, side missions may require finding a large amount of items or unearthing a treasure of the given rank - their completion may take a lot of time which is incomparable to the amount of prestige you'll receive for the completion of the mission.
  3. Follow the following system: activate all missions available in the base, travel to the location, complete the main objective (and side ones if they are on your way, or require a simple action), then return to the base and pick up an additional main quest (plus additional side quests if they are unlocked). This method will enable you to complete all main quests in the given location in the course of a few minutes, gaining at least one prestige rank in the process.

Each location offers 3 main missions and 2 to 5 side missions. Once you complete a main mission, you need to return to the computer and activate new missions. Once you complete 3 main missions you'll unlock access to a new zone, where you have to repeat the process.

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