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Tower of Fantasy Guide

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Tower of Fantasy: Relics Tower of Fantasy guide, tips

On this page of the Tower of Fantasy guide you will read about the use of Relics, how to upgrade them and which ones are worth collecting first.

Last update: Thursday, August 18, 2022

Relics are powerful weapons that have a long cooldown. They are suitable both for exploration and combat. On this page of the guide, you will learn how to upgrade them and which ones you should get first.

Upgrading Relics

When entering the Relics tab, you will see a very large number of devices - Tower of Fantasy: Relics - Basics - Tower of Fantasy Guide

When entering the Relics tab, you will see a very large number of devices. If you have any of them, select one and then go to the Advancement tab. If you have the right amount of Relic Shards, you can improve the device in a similar way as weapons. Each upgrade activates one star.

To read about the upgrades, go to the Stats tab. There you can find information about what you will get for the next improvements.

Unlocking Relic Shards

Obtaining Relic Shards is not such a difficult task. Usually, you will get them by defeating the world boss, completing some main or side quests, daily and weekly activities. You can also buy them in the Crew Store and Crystal Dust Store.

Which ones should be upgraded first?

There are a lot of relics in the game, and they are sorted by SR and SSR. Many new players are wondering which Relics to improve first, especially since the very first star can provide a powerful buff, whether for exploration or combat.

SR Relics - Tower of Fantasy: Relics - Basics - Tower of Fantasy Guide

SR Relics:

  1. It's definitely worth unlocking 1 star level for the Jetpack. Mainly because it will help you explore - your stamina will not decrease while gliding unless you make a jump to take off.
  2. Strange Cube is also quite a useful relic, especially in PvE. Thanks to it, you will deal a lot of damage to everyone next to you. Additionally, after unlocking 1 star, after using this item, you will deal 10% more damage for 10 seconds.
  3. Missile Barrage is a relic perfect for both PvE and PvP, especially at 3 stars. This relic fires a dozen or so missiles, dealing considerable damage. Most importantly, with the third upgrade, you'll be firing for 12 seconds, dealing 20% more damage compared to the base version.
  4. Magnetic Storm will create a hurricane that will follow enemies for 10 seconds, dealing very high damage - 180% ATK - and launching enemies into the air. Even the 1 star version is a very good relic, as you will create 2 such hurricanes.

SSR Relics:

  1. Hologram Projector is quite an interesting and powerful device that mimics your attacks for 15 seconds, dealing 35% of the damage. It is a great relic that can strengthen your attacks. Each upgrade significantly improves your statistics.
  2. Colossus Arm is a device that summons two giant hands for 20 seconds. After using it, you will get stun resistance for 20 seconds. Plus, normal attacks deal 1.387% of your ATK and launch enemies up into the air. Skill Damage, on the other hand, deals as much as 453.5% of your ATK. At the first star with each attack, you'll fire 2 homing missiles dealing 34.8% ATK.
  3. Alternate Destiny is great for World Bosses. Thanks to it, for 8 seconds, everyone in the relic's field of effect is immune to stuns, and their health cannot drop below 20%. Each upgrade significantly strengthens this relic, but it is worth having it 2 stars to regenerate additional HP and steal health.
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