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Total War Three Kingdoms Guide

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Army Movement Types in Total War Three Kingdoms Total War Three Kingdoms guide, tips

Last update: 12 June 2019

As in previous installments of the Total War series, Three Kingdoms allows armies to move in one of the different modes. This greatly affects the ability of the army, allowing it, for example, to reach a distant goal, to wait for the enemy or to capture enemy settlement. In this chapter you will find information about all the movement modes available in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Army movement mode - how to change it?

To change the movement mode, you need to select the army you are interested in, and then click on the icon located above the head of the main General. Then a list of available options will appear, which can now be activated to change the movement mode. It is worth noting that some modes have their own requirements like information concerning when you can use them - those you will find by moving the mouse pointer over their icons.

Types of movement modes

The game offers several modes of movement, but its completely enough. - Army Movement Types in Total War Three Kingdoms - Army - Total War Three Kingdoms Guide
The game offers several modes of movement, but it's completely enough.

The following modes of army movement are available in the game:

  1. Normal - in this mode, the army has the ability to initiate a battle. There is also the possibility of recruiting new troops. There are no additional requirements for activation, and the army itself has a default range of motion.
  2. March - in this mode, the army does not have the ability to initiate battles, it cannot recruit units, but in turn it receives a 50% bonus to the range of movement on the map. When the army gets attacked after the March, its units will automatically get tired.
  3. Encamp - in this mode the army can't move at all, it can't initiate fights, and the mode itself can only be activated if the army has a 50% movement indicator. Recruitment for the army is active (provided that it is on its territory), and at the moment of attack the battle will take place in the camp.
  4. Ambush - the second mode in which the army can't move and initiate battles, it can also be activated only when the army movement indicator is at 25%. The army has the ability to recruit and is hidden from the enemy. When opponent appears next to the army, it will be possible to start an attack in form of an ambush.
  5. Liberate - unique mode of movement, which is available only to Gong Du leader, which causes the army to steal food and resources from the commandery.

Note - remember that some modes do not allow you to initiate fights. Do not run in the March mode of the enemy cause at the end you won't have a chance to start battle anyway.

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