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Total War Troy Guide by

Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Heroes list, classes, leveling up Total War Troy guide, tips

This chapter of the guide focuses on the epic heroes available in Total War Saga Troy. You will also learn which regular heroes you can recruit during the game, and what potential subclasses they may have.

List of all Epic Heroes

In Total War Saga Troy, each faction is led by certain epic heroes which makes them the main characters led by the player. At the time of writing this guide (August 2020), the player is able to control one out of the 8 Epic Heroes:

  1. Achilles - Phthia;
  2. Aeneas - Dardania;
  3. Agamemnon - Mycenae;
  4. Hector - Hector of Troy faction;
  5. Menelaus - Sparta;
  6. Odysseus - Ithaca;
  7. Paris - Paris of Troy faction;
  8. Sarpedon - Lycia.

Heroes' classes and subclasses

Playable Epic Heroes (faction leaders) such as Achilles or Aeneas may recruit additional Heroes into their ranks. All of the characters featured in Total War Saga Troy are assigned to a specific class that determines their playing style and role on the battlefield. Each character may also have an additional subclass, which further affects his or her playstyle. At the time of writing this guide (August 2020), Total War Saga Troy had 4 main character classes:

  1. Archer - with their bow, they are able to decimate enemy troops while remaining at a safe distance from the battlefield. As an Archer Skirmisher subclass, this hero will be an unparalleled ranged unit. As an Archer Trickster subclass, this hero will rely on their speed during combat;
  2. Defender - defenders are able to withstand a lot of damage making them the backbone of any army's defensive line. A Defender Protector is a subclass that uses a spear and is able to withstand many enemy attacks. A Defender Companion is a tough but also mobile subclass that specializes in supporting units under its command. Defender Veteran is the last and most offensive-oriented subclass. It wields a spear with deadly precision during combat;
  3. Fighter - valiant warriors like to be in the center of a fight. Fighter Champion is a subclass that is capable of both defending and attacking. Fighter Ravager is a great swordsman who can keep harassing enemies with its attacks. Fighter Vanquisher is the most offensive subclass for this hero. It goes into a frenzy during a battle and tries to kill opponents at all cost;
  4. Warlord - a born commander who shows its true power while leading troops on the battlefield. Warlord Commander gives various bonuses to the units. Warlord Mentor is capable of strengthening allied units and weakening enemy troops.

It should be noted here that each faction has a specific Hero class that cannot be recruited. For example, Agamemnon can't recruit Fighters while Achilles can't recruit Warlords.

How to level up?

Heroes in Total War Saga Troy can earn experience points for winning battles which help them advance to the next levels. They unlock skill points that can be spent on additional skills or perks.

As you can see in the image above, the epic hero Agamemnon has reached level 4 and received one skill point, which can be spent on a new skill - Total War Troy: Heroes list, classes, leveling up - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

As you can see in the image above, the epic hero Agamemnon has reached level 4 and received one skill point, which can be spent on a new skill. Every time your hero gains a new level, you can choose one of the two available skills. However, you have to choose wisely because choosing one skill automatically blocks access to the other. The same goes for the perks of a given skill - choosing one will block access to the other.

You get access to individual hero skills by reaching certain levels. This means that you don't have to choose any of the skills available at level 4 if you do not plan on using them. You can keep the points and then spend them on skills and perk that you unlock later.

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