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Total War Troy Guide

Table of Contents

Total War Troy: Hector guide - bonuses, faction units, builds Total War Troy guide, tips

This chapter of the guide focuses on Hector, one of the epic heroes in Total War Saga Troy. What is the character's specialty, for whom he will be the best choice, what bonuses he has, and what unique faction units he can recruit.

Hector (Prince of Troy, brother of Paris) is an Epic Defender who leads the Hector of Troy faction. He is a noble warrior and an unparalleled diplomat who was trained from birth to lead his father's troops. Hector sows fear in the hearts of his opponents, and thanks to his cunning and bravado, he is able to change the fate of many fights. Hector has access to some of the best bronze units in the game so he may prove to be a really challenging opponent at a later stage of the game. He is the perfect hero for all war strategists, who prefer to focus on the defensive, weakening the opponent, and then finish them off.

As Hector, you gain a +10% bonus to the morale of all units in your own territory - Total War Troy: Hector guide - bonuses, faction units, builds - Heroes - Total War Troy Guide

Hector - bonuses

As Hector, you gain a +10% bonus to the morale of all units in your own territory. Moreover, Hector is one of the two Epic Heroes with a +5 bonus to gold earned every turn.

Hector - unique faction units

Hector's troops are very expensive, with heavy weapons and extremely good armor. Due to their equipment, Hector's troops are able to crush the enemy in a direct attack.

  1. Hector's Chosen - a medium unit with shields with swords. Hector's Chosen are invulnerable to attacks from the flanks and have a very high attack rate;
  2. Champions of Troy - a heavy unit that uses shields and spears in combat. They are characterized by a very high defense and the ability to switch weapons to shields. In addition, the Champions of Troy have access to additional throwing weapons;
  3. Guards of Troy - a heavy unit with a spear and shield that has a very high defense. During combat, they can switch weapons to shields to protect themselves from incoming projectiles.

Character development

During the course of a Total War Troy campaign, your character will gain experience points, advance to higher levels, and consequently receive skill points, which can be spent on additional skills and specializations. The following is a list of Hector's skills that may be useful during the course of the character's campaign.

  1. Level 2: Vanquish with Pierce Armour specialization - with this skill you will increase the bonuses for charges, armor piercing, and unit speed within 40m of the Hero;
  2. Level 3: Ambassador of Hermes with Starting Cap specialization - slows the fatigue rate of all units in the army, and also makes units always start the fight fresh and rested;
  3. Level 4: Armed by Hephaestus with Land specialization - increases the damage done by the Hero. The hero receives an even greater bonus during ambushes and battles on land;
  4. Level 5: Prayer to Athena with Sword specialization - increases the melee defense for all units, and thanks to the specialization swordsmen units will gain an even greater bonus;
  5. Level 6: Favour of Asclepius with Heal specialization - a skill that regenerates the life points of selected units;
  6. Level 7: Armored by Hephaestus with Melee Resistance specialization - increases the Hero's defensive capabilities;
  7. Level 8: Warrior's Oath with Elite Spear specialization - reduces the maintenance costs of all of Hector's elite units. With specialization you can further reduce the cost of maintaining elite spearmen units.
  8. Level 9: Alert with Success Chance specialization - +5 to the rank of recruited emissaries. Specialization further increases the chance of success of the emissaries ' missions;
  9. Level 10: Divine Regeneration with Rage specialization - when activated, it regenerates the hero's life points and additionally generates Rage;
  10. Level 11: Protection of Hephaestus with Spear specialization - provides a bonus of +5 to armor for all units in the Hero's Army. Swordsmen units gain an additional +5 armor points (total +10);
  11. Level 12: Gift of Hermes - increases the movement range of the Hero's army when on land;
  12. Level 13: Melee Chariot with Reinforced Melee Chariot specialization - your hero receives a chariot to use on the battlefield which increases his offensive capabilities;
  13. Level 14: The Shout with Morale specialization - a long-range skill that increases the combat capabilities of units (weapon strength, melee attack) and their morale;

To complete the above Hector character build in Total War Troy you will need 24 skill points. Each skill point spent increases the hero's health pool by 2.5%.

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