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Total War Troy Guide

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Total War Troy: Mythical units - how to recruit? Total War Troy guide, tips

In this chapter of our game guide you can learn how to recruit mythical units and creatures in the Total War Saga Troy.

The Total War Saga Troy features mythical units such as Harpies, Giants, Gorgons, and a powerful Minotaur, which can be added to your army as battle units or agents. Below we have explained which mythical units are available in the Total War Saga Troy and how to recruit them.

How to recruit?

Each faction in the Total War Saga Troy is led by an epic hero who can recruit additional units for his army - soldiers, heroes, and even mythical units. In Total War Saga Troy, mythical units were depicted in a slightly different way as they are not fantasy-like creatures, but they resemble ordinary people. For example, a Minotaur is a powerful man who wears leather and has a helmet made of bull skull on his head, rather than a fantasy creature that has some parts of bull's body. Harpies, in turn, are extremely brave warriors (without any wings) that have leather armor and special masks which slightly cover their faces. Here's how to recruit them:

  1. Certain mythical units can be recruited within specific settlements - once you conquer them you will receive appropriate information that you have gained access to unique units. To recruit these units, you'll have to construct a proper building. You can recruit Harpies, Centaurs, Giants and Mermaids;
  2. Once you have reached the maximum level of worship of a specific God, you will unlock access to the recruitment of a specific mythological being. This way you can recruit the following units: Cyclops, Minotaurs, Corybantes, Spartoi, as well as agents: Gorgons, Satyrs, and Seers;
  3. Some mythical creatures can also be received as a reward for performing certain events or missions.
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