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Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by

Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide

Table of Contents

Choices that influence the ending | Torment: Tides of Numenera Endings

The game contains a number of bigger or smaller choices that have a direct influence over the epilogue of the story.

  • The most important choice is the one that you'll make while talking with the Sorrow. This choice has the most influence over the world and the potential outcome. There are six different choices that result in different outcomes (five of them can be a conclusion to any set of factors, while the sixth one is available only if Matkina was a member of the party during the finale). Some of the decisions leave the world as it is, while others will result in horrible conflict, or the death of innocent people.
  • Your dominating tide - the game will add certain details on how you were remembered by the inhabitants of the Ninth World. For example, If you've represented the Gold Tide, The Exile will be remembered as a person known for his empathy and good deeds.
  • Your interactions with the party and character quests - At the end of the story, you'll receive a short scene recounting the future of your companions (those present, as well as those who weren't with you during the finale). During the game, you can influence the endings of three different party members, so make sure to complete their quests.
  • Piquo from Cliff's Edge - if you haven't completed his task, dissapointed Piquo will return to his former lifestyle.
  • Alara's quest - if you've helped her, she'll be able regain mental stability and return to her home.
  • Your help regarding the orphans in Sagus Cliffs will be summarized. Additionally, if you've managed to save their father (a wounded thug in Murden prison), he'll return to his family.
  • The quest involving the veterans met in the Fifth Eye Tavern. If you've managed to recruit them, they will take part in the Eternal War for numerous years.
  • Your interactions and decisions related to the foreman in Sagus Cliffs - if you've managed to fulfill his request and let his offspring live, his children will start building various things in the city.
  • Consequences of the conflict between stycha and Peliai - the end of the conflict will depend on the group that you've chosen.
  • Your decision regarding the Endless Gate - if you've followed the Memoralists and closed the gate, the group will begin to rebuild the Valley and lock the gate permanently so that no one will be able to use them again.
  • The mutant situation in Bloom - if you've stayed neutral and haven't followed any of the groups, the city will be a witness to a serious conflict. The situation can be handled e.g. through an ending involving connecting all abandoned citizens through Matkina.
  • Coty in Bloom - if the slave had been left without any occupation throughout the whole game, he will escape from the city.
  • Artaglio in Chiurgeon's Slump - if you haven't sacrificed the man to be eaten by the Maw, he will keep on defending the clinic even in the eve of the chaos that had struck the city. If he was sacrificed then he'll be replaced by Ranard.
  • The final scene of the epilogue is dedicated to Miel Avest - some of the endings see The Exile return and rebuild the city.
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