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Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by

Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide

Table of Contents

Resistances and fettles | Gameplay basics Torment: Tides of Numenera Guide

Fettles are temporary conditions or effects that can improve or weaken character's statistics. Specific fettles are usually activated during a crisis, when the units are using their abilities. The fettles can be divided into three types: positive, negative and neutral ones.

Negative fettles

Fettle name



Unit is forced to attack the target that caused this fettle. Usually it is used by warriors and strong units that focus "aggro" on themselves and thus protect weaker units.


-30% movement speed. Additionally, the character has reduced chance of succeeding in many actions, including attacking.


Character has reduced chance of succeeding in many actions.


Character becomes enslaved and is forced to fight by the side of whoever caused the fettle.


-1 physical defense.


-50% movement speed, -35% Dodging, -35% chance for attack, -35% dealt damage.


-50% movement speed, -15% Dodging.


-30% movement speed, -15% Dodging, all actions -15%.

Lasting damage

-1 to one of the primary statistics.

Sonic Disruption



Positive fettles

Fettle name



Converts damage into one selected damage type and adds smaller effects.


+5% Dodging, +5% Willpower, +5% all throws that use effort.


+5% to critical success in actions.


+2 Armor, Defense +1.

Neutral fettles

Fettle name



The enemies can't detect you unless you perform an action or the enemy checks the area.


Your defense factors can be checked in the character sheet. - Resistances and fettles | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide
Your defense factors can be checked in the character sheet.

Each character in the game has defense factors that reduce incomimg damage. There are four main parameters in the character sheet:

  • Armor - reduces the physical damage that you receive. Most of the weapons deal this type of damage. It is a very important factor for characters that fight in the first line.
  • Resistance - this factor reduces the following types of damage: energy, chemical, mental, transdimensional. This type of damage is usually dealt by esoteries and cyphers.
  • Evasion - it increases your chances of dodging a weapon or projectile attack. Each 2 Speed points increase the evasion by 5%.
  • Willpower - increases your chances to resist esoteric attacks. Each 2 Intellect points increase the willpower by 5%

Defense factors are increased mainly by spells and powerful artifacts. The wisest thing to do is to give them to your characters that fight in close combat and keep Nanos or other characters that use ranged weapons at a safe distance.

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