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Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by

Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide

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Can you die permanently in Torment: Tides of Numenera?

A typical perma-death screen - Can you die permanently in Torment: Tides of Numenera? - Puzzles and additional activities - Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide
A typical perma-death screen

In Torment: Tides of Numenera, death doesn't necessary mean game over. In fact, most of the character's deaths are temporary, sending you to a labyrinth inside their mind, from where you can return after a short visit. There are, however, some exceptions. In some rare cases, a death may cause an irreversible separation of the mind and the body of your character. This will end your adventure without giving you a chance to "respawn" in the labyrinth, and after a short credit roll you'll have to reload a saved game.

The following are the situtions where you need to be careful to avoid perma-death:

A complete list is in preparation.

  • First perma-death awaits you as early as when choosing the gender of your character at the beginning of the game. During the dialogue with your ego, you'll be falling. You can
  • The first opportunity awaits moments after leaving The Broken Dome. Reef of the Fallen World contains an obelisk at its easternmost fragment (M2.7). Beware of touching it, as it will end in instant death (you can save yourself through a Quick Fingers roll).
  • Eyes of the Adversary, one of the side quests found in Sagus Cliffs' Fifth Eye Tavern (M10.2) sees you enter your Fifth Eye to defeat Malaise. If you've decided to proceed alone, you'll take part in a game consisting of a number of simulated situations. Finally, you'll stand before the final decision - either merge with the beast or resist it once for all. Choosing the first option results in death. The second option involves completing a Concentration roll, but it is the only way to survive the encounter in one piece.
  • When completing the side quest Endless Fear in Necropolis, you'll reach a location called The Endless Gate, where you'll find Inifere. During this meeting, to not choose to stay of your own will.
  • When completing the main quest The Sanctuary of Miel Avest, you'll meet Spectre in the labyrinth, who'll claim to be the Changing God. Do not agree (twice) to yield the control of your body to him!
  • Also during the main quest The Sanctuary of Miel Avest, do not approach the Sorrow after she launches her attack on the sanctuary and spawns in the eastern part of the map. Sorrow's attacks may kill your character in an instant.
  • In the Old Slave Block in Bloom you'll be able to meet Skoura the Faceless and begin the side quest What the Winds Took. During your encounter with Skoura do not try to take the jar from her. This, seemingly insignificant, action will lead to instant perma-death of your character, as the jar is used to contain the Iron Wind.
  • After obtaining the Magmatic Annulet in the Crystalline Cavern in The Bloom you will get back to Ascension. When you try to exit this location, the party will be stopped by Dorian and other cultists of the Changing God. During this encounter you can't agree to surrender and willingly give up your life, because instead of going to the Labyrinth, you will just die.
  • In the final phase of the main quest Into the Depths another attack of the Sorrow will occur in Memovira's Fortress (M25.4). Same as in the Sanctuary of Miel Avest, you cannot get close to Sorrow as your main protagonist since it can easily permanently kill him.
  • During the final encounter with the Specter in Deepest Fathom, don't agree to get past him to the Resonance (instead of that, convince him to disappear or fight him). You would die irreversibly without being able to reach the last scene of the game.
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