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Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide by

Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide

Table of Contents

Further steps | Character creation

The creator allows you to tailor the hero to your specifications - Further steps | Character creation - Character creation - Torment: Tides of Numenera Game Guide
The creator allows you to tailor the hero to your specifications

After the initial decisions, we are now taken to a new menu. The whole process consists of 7 stages:

  • Type - Here you choose one of three available classes in the game. You can choose from Glaive, Jack, and Nano. More on character classes in Which Class Should I Choose?
  • Pools - Here you can spend points to bolster one of three main statistics: Might, Speed, and Intellect. Pools are the resources which the player can use to apply Effort or to use an ability.
  • Abilities - time to choose your starting abilities. These include active abilities used during combat, special actions that can be performed during conversation or while exploring, and passive bonuses.
  • Exploration Skills - these perks yields extra bonuses to certain activities, increasing their chance of success. Some of these skills increase the amount of your health points, or a number of cyphers that you can carry. Take notice that each perk has three levels of training. Two empty orbs means the hero is a Novice, one blue orb indicates that the hero is Trained (increasing your chances of success by extra +15% when Effort is applied), while two blue orbs mean that the hero is Specialized (increasing your chance of success by +30%) in the chosen ability. Two red orbs indicate that the hero is unable to perform this skill, resulting in -15% penalty. To avoid being subjected to the penalty each time you attempt to roll the dice, upgrade the troublesome perk - you'll advance to the Novice level.
  • Weapon Skills - these abilities allow you to use weapons more effectively in battle and increase your chances of hitting your opponent. Only Glaive can choose a weapon skill - other classes can slightly influence their weapon of choice by choosing an adjacent Descriptor.
  • Descriptor - here you'll choose one, dominating trait of your hero. This will result in additional bonuses and penalties to certain skills. The list of descriptors can be found in the section below.
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