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The Division 2 Guide by

The Division 2 Guide

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Armor and health points in Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has many features in common with the first installment of the series, but also introduces numerous changes. One of them is the health system - here it has been divided into armor and health points, which will be discussed in detail in the following chapter.

Armor and health points - differences

Two bars representing armor - dashed line, and health points - straight line. - Armor and health points in Division 2 - Gameplay basics - The Division 2 Guide
Two bars representing armor - dashed line, and health points - straight line.

As it was mentioned, now the character has health points and is additionally equipped with armor. This is represented by two separate bars located in the middle of the screen - the dashed line shows the level of the armor, whereas the straight line indicates the level of health. When taking damage, the character will first lose armor - once the armor bar is emptied, the damage the character receives will decrease the health bar. Once the health bar is emptied, the character will be knocked down and will need to be reanimated by an ally.

Armor and health points - regeneration

Due to the fact that losing armor and health points directly translated to the gameplay (death), regenerating them is crucial. The mechanic works as follows:

  1. Health points regenerate automatically if the character still has armor and is not poisoned. Additionally, some of the items have an attribute allowing the player to restore a portion of health upon killing an enemy.
  2. Armor does not regenerate automatically - you need to either use healing abilities (described in one of the FAQ chapters of this guide) or with Armor Kits.
  3. Armor, similarly to health, can also be regenerated with the help of attributes offered by some of the items, such as regenerating armor while behind cover or for killing enemies.
  4. Armor is regenerated automatically once an encounter ends.


Caring for both the armor and health points is instrumental to success, which is why you should look at the tips presented below. Namely:

  1. Do not let enemies to break your armor. If the character still has armor, it will regenerate lost health. Additionally, most characters have several times less health points than armor points - once the armor is broken through, it will take only a few hits to incapacitate the character.
  2. You should always have a healing ability at your disposal, allowing you to easily keep the character alive, unless you make some critical mistakes. A detailed description of healing abilities and which to choose can be found in one of the FAQ chapters of this guide.
  3. If possible, try to equip yourself with the Badger Tuff brand set items. You are looking for the attribute offered by equipping 2 items of this set - 15% armor restoration upon enemy kill. This makes the game a lot easier, especially when playing solo. You should not, however, use those items at the expense of the quality of the gear.
  4. Remember to purchase two perks at the Base of Operations. Those are Restock 1: Armor Kits and Armor Kit, level 3 if possible. The former one causes the character to regain all Armor Kits after entering a safe area, the latter will increases the amount of Armor Kits a character can carry to 6 (from 3).
  5. Try not to use Armor Kits to restore armor if that is not necessary. Sometimes it is better to take a bit of a risk and postpone the moment of using that item to end the fight and automatically restore any lost armor points.
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