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The Division 2 Guide

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Good item sets for the beginning of the Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

The Tom Clancy's The Division 2 game, similarly to the first installment of the franchise, gives the players the ability to acquire sets of items. Despite the fact that the "real" sets appear only after developing the character to the highest level, you can find their weaker versions in the form of brand sets, consisting of three items, from the first hours of the game. In this chapter you will find information on which branded sets you should be interested from the beginning of the game.

Note - a full list of items can be found in "Item sets" chapter of this guide.

How do the item sets work?

Brand sets, in contrast to the "real" item sets, have only 3 items included in a given branded set. The parameters obtained thanks to them are less valuable than in the case of the high-level sets, but in turn the bonuses will become active with just one item equipped on the character. What is more, thanks to only 3 items forming a branded set, a character can have 2 or even 3 different sets equipped at one time.

A perfect example of this is the combination of Airadi Holdings and Douglas & Harding. The combination of both of those sets allows snipers to get a huge bonus to accuracy, damage, headshot damage, as well as the chance to land a critical hit and the critical hit damage.

Branded sets for damage dealing

If you are focused on dealing as much damage as possible, you should be interested in the following sets of items:

  1. Airaldi Holdings - +10% accuracy, +10% headshot damage and +10% sniper rifle damage makes this branded set an ideal choice for a character focused on using sniper rifles, increasing almost every parameter that is useful when using this type of weapon.
  2. China Light Industries Corporation - thanks to the +10% explosion and +10% shotgun damage bonuses, this branded set is a perfect choice for a character fighting in close quarters and/or frequently using grenades. The additional -10% cooldown reduction is the icing on the cake.
  3. Douglas & Harding - +5% accuracy, +10% critical damage and +15% chance for a critical hit will be useful to anyone, but this branded set will be especially effective for a character focused on using SMGs, as they have a natural bonus to the critical hit chance.
  4. Sokolov Concern - +10% SMG damage and +8% critical hit damage is another portion of attributes that will be useful to a character using and SMG.
  5. Wyvern Wear - +7% critical hit damage and +10% critical hit chance will be useful for every character focusing on dealing damage and the additional +15% drone skill power will also not be wasted.

Branded sets for durability

If you want to build a durable character, capable of taking huge amounts of damage and survive, you should be interested in the following branded sets:

  1. Richter & Kraiser - +10% Hazard protection, +25% Pistol damage and +15% Ballistic Shield skill power is the ideal package for a character using the Ballistic Shield skill and built as a tank.
  2. Gila Guard - +5% armor and +20% Hazard protection will be useful for every character built as a tank. The +15% Pulse skill power is a nice addition.

Branded sets for skill power

If, however, you want to increase the skill power of your character and/or decrease the cooldown times, you should be interested in the following branded sets:

  1. Alps Summit Armament - +10% cooldown reduction and +5% skill power is a perfect choice for characters built to deal damage with skills or as a support. +15% Hive skill power is a nice addition to the pack and will be useful for support characters using that skill for healing.
  2. Petrov Defense Group - +10% LMG damage, +15% Turret skill power and +10% cooldown reduction will be a perfect choice for a support character equipped with a LMG.

Branded sets for solo play

If you are looking for sets that will be good for solo play - increasing durability and at the same time offering increase to the damage dealt - you should be interested in the following branded sets:

  1. Overlord Armaments - +10% Rifle damage, +7,5% armor and +7% damage against elite enemies will be perfect for solo build.
  2. Badger Tuff - +7% damage against elite enemies and, most importantly, 15% armor restoration upon killing enemies makes this set a must-have for a solo player (and not only). A nice addition is the +15% Chem Launcher skill power.
  3. Fenris Group AB - +10% Assault Rifle damage, +10% reduction of damage from elite enemies and 20% health restoration upon killing enemies. There is nothing more to add here.
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