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The Division 2 Guide

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Specializations - what are they and how to unlock them? The Division 2 guide, tips

Just like many other looter shooters, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 shows its full potential after reaching level 30, the highest possible level. Besides additional activities, the game also unlocks access to specializations. Read this chapter to learn more about them and how to unlock specializations.

Specializations - what are they and how to unlock them?

Specializations are another way of modifying your character - you unlock them after reaching level 30. Specializations allow you to further personalize your character to suit your playstyle. They add new and unique abilities. On top of that, specializations also unlock the fourth weapon assigned to a particular specialization. Specializations unlock automatically after reaching level 30. You don't have to complete any special quests, craft specific items or collect resources - the only thing you have to do is to reach level 30.

Specializations available in the game

The Division 2 starts with 3 specializations. More will come later in the future - the developers are planning to add another 3 in 2019. The available specializations:

  1. Survivalist - this specialization focuses on controlling the environment. This specialization uses a crossbow with explosive bolts that can damage a few targets at the same time. These bolts are also great for damaging enemy armor. Their special ability is called Mender, an upgrade for Seeker Mine. After unlocking it, your mines will release chemicals that repairs your armor or your allies.
  2. Demolitionist - this specialization is focused on causing mayhem on battlefields. This specialization is equipped with M32A1 Grenade Launcher - it can damage a few targets at the same time. This weapon is also great for luring enemies out of covers or eliminating groups of enemies fast. This specialization receives Artillery Turret upgrade - it turns a Turret into a mortar that can shoot at the spot pointed by the player.
  3. Sharpshooter - this specialization focuses on dealing massive damage to single targets over a large distance. This specialization uses TAC-50 Sniper Rifle. This weapon deals the highest damage out of all special weapons - it can even hit a few targets if they are standing in a row. A single headshot is enough to eliminate the majority of the enemies (including elite variants). Sharpshooter gets Tactician Drone upgrade for a Drone - it allows a Sharpshooter to travel to the appointed location and activate a scanner that will target nearby enemies.

Additional specializations

The Division 2 currently has "only" 3 specializations. However, the developers are planning on adding more in the future. The exact details about the future specializations - names, gear, abilities or ways of unlocking them - aren't revealed yet. Those who own the season pass will get them automatically. Others will have to complete the required steps.

Specializations - tips

Here you can find a few tips for the specializations. Remember:

  1. Special weapons have limited ammo. Each weapon has up to a dozen of bullets/rounds - keep them for more challenging battles. Some enemies can drop ammo for special weapons - you can't replenish it by using supply chests.
  2. Choose a specialization that suits your playstyle and works with your equipment. Sharpshooter is a good choice when you are fighting at a longer distance, and your gear is damage-oriented. Demolitionist works for those who prefer fighting at a close distance and have a character with high defense. Survivalist is for players who prefer a supporting role.
  3. Use special abilities of your specialization. These abilities are much more efficient than their "regular" versions - use them whenever you get a chance.
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