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The Division 2 Guide

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Disassemble, sell, or donate items in The Division 2 The Division 2 guide, tips

During the game, you'll pick up hundreds of items, armors, and weapons. Some of these items you can use, the remaining ones will take up inventory space and you'll need to get rid of them. There are three ways of doing that, and were described in this chapter.

Disassembling is the best way of getting crafting resources. - Disassemble, sell, or donate items in The Division 2 - FAQ - The Division 2 Guide
Disassembling is the best way of getting crafting resources.

Selling items

A basic way of getting rid of unneeded equipment is selling it. You can sell the items at merchants found in almost any friendly outpost, or at terminals in safe houses. Selling items yield credits which can be spent on new items, crafting, or recalibration.


You can also disassemble items to retrieve valuable crafting resources. Disassembly is the most efficient way of gaining these resources - in a short period of time, you can gain hundreds of materials that will be used to craft valuable equipment or weapons. The quantity and quality of materials depends on the item's level - higher the level, better the materials.

Donating items

The items can be donated to Projects to unlock additional, side missions deputed by friendly outposts. Following the fact that you can give items of any quality, it is recommended to donate less valuable items, and leave the more valuable ones for disassembly or selling.

Note - items in your Stash can be donated to Projects, even if they are not currently in your backpack.

Disassemble, sell, or donate?

Finally, we come back to the question from the preamble - what to do with items? This all depends on the current situation, as well as the state of your valet. Follow the following rules:

  1. When it comes to Projects, donate items of the worst quality, just so they are accepted.
  2. Disassemble the items of the highest quality to receive the best components. Remember that even those of the worst kind are also needed.
  3. If you are in need of cash, sell items, instead of disassembling them. Without credits, you won't be able to create anything.
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