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The Division 2 Guide

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How to quickly get crafting materials in The Division 2? The Division 2 guide, tips

Similarly, to the first installment, crafting in The Division 2 plays a very important role. Crafting allows you to create items that have certain statistics, allowing you to avoid at least some of the grind. This chapter will tell you how to get crafting materials.

Dismantling items

The easiest and the most efficient way of getting crafting materials. Every item (weapon or armor) can be dismantled into crafting components from the inventory menu. This process will always give you a given amount of crafting materials - their exact amount and quality depend on the type of item. The better the rarity of the item, the more valuable resources you'll receive. As the items land in your backpack very fast, and you can dismantle them in any place - if you are currently flush with money, do so.

Completing tasks

Completing missions gives you access to valuable materials and items. - How to quickly get crafting materials in The Division 2? - FAQ - The Division 2 Guide
Completing missions gives you access to valuable materials and items.

This method mostly involves completing side missions and events in the game world. Completing each of these tasks gives you experience points, credits, weaponry, or a rare crafting material (or a few of them). The type of resource received from the mission can be viewed on the mission summary screen.

Gathering materials from chests in Control Points

Control Points are areas which can be captured from the opponent, which are then manned by allied units. When you capture such a location, a Supply Room will appear in its radius that contains item chests, as well as a few containers with crafting materials. Such a location is worth visiting more than once, as they "regenerate" every few hours filling the containers once more.

Gathering materials from containers found around the map

The authors of The Division 2 have expanded the idea found in the first installment, and introduced an even bigger emphasis on exploration, placing thousands of various chests, containers, and boxes around the map. During exploration, consider getting off the main path to gather the items from the nearby chests.

Gathering resources from special zones on the map

Zones are simply left-over garages, shops, or office buildings. Inside them, you'll find a few containers with a given type of a crafting resource. Moreover, if you clear such a location, its location will appear on the map, enabling you to visit it later to retrieve the resources that will appear after a few hours.

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