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The Division 2 Guide

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How to gain experience quickly in The Division 2? The Division 2 guide, tips

Efficient experience collection and fast leveling are pivotal elements of every game in which the power of the hero depends on their level. The same applies to The Division 2 - the higher the level of your hero, the better the statistics and weaponry that they can use, also giving access to further content. This chapter contains information that will help to gain experience faster.

Completing missions

Completing missions is one of the best ways of getting experience points. - How to gain experience quickly in The Division 2? - FAQ - The Division 2 Guide
Completing missions is one of the best ways of getting experience points.

As you might expect, the basic means of getting experience points is completing missions. You get a lot more exp for completing missions than eliminating opponents, and on top of that, completed missions yield additional equipment and crafting materials. Of course, completing missions also allows to push the story forward and unlock all mechanics in the game.

It is recommended to complete missions as they appear. Remember, that aside from the main missions, the map also contains side missions and various randomly-generated events - always check the world map to see what missions and events you can participate in. Story missions can be repeated, but you'll receive experience only during the first attempt.

Killing opponents

In the Division 2, killing is mandatory - this is not a fully-fledged RPG game, so there's no way to resolve conflicts with, say, speech or intimidation. Here, combat is the mainstay, and killing opponents is a great way of gathering experience points. You'll receive a certain amount of experience points for each killed opponent.

The amount increases as you encounter high-level enemies - further, more demanding areas will be inhabited by enemies of a higher level - eliminating them yields more XP. This value can be increased by completing story missions, increasing their difficulty, or playing with other players - the enemies will be much more powerful, but you'll receive more experience points for them, and they will drop more valuable items.

Gathering collector items

Similarly, to the first installment, pick-ups are found all over the world of The Division 2. Gathering them will allow you to learn the events and the story, but you'll also receive a large dose of experience points. Pick up collector items as soon as they are in range - when that happens, you'll be notified that there is an item waiting to be picked-up nearby.

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