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The Pilot | Combat Titanfall Guide

Combat is, of course, the key element in Titanfall, its quintessence and what is best about it. Preparing the class and weaponry beforehand, is necessary and useful, and it will constitute a considerable asset in the battlefield. However, the key to survival and succeeding is knowing how to behave in the dynamically changing circumstances.

Pilot vs Minions

Making of new friends. - The Pilot - Combat - Titanfall - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Making of new friends.

As you know, in the game, apart from the Titans, and the other Pilots, there also are AI controlled bots. Their main task is to serve as support to the players, thanks to which you can encounter an enemy behind every corner. Naturally, they are not too demanding enemies - if you can say that they are any threat in the first place, it is only when they come in groups, but even then you should have no problems defeating them. There are 2 types of such opponents: the ones that resemble Pilots are the Grunts and robots - Spectres. An easy and enjoyable way to eliminate them is with the Smart Pistol MK5, best with the Minion Detector that shows their positions on the map. Additionally, the robots can attacks the allied Titans with rockets, which is how a big group of these can severe the armor of a careless mech. The final element that is worth mentioning is the possibility of hacking robots, thanks to which they will follow you around and serve as your support. To do that, you need to approach such a robot sufficiently close and hold down the action key (by default, it is [E]). This process can be significantly sped up by choosing The "Icepick" kit.

Pilot vs Pilot

The most frequent battles that you are going to fight are the ones with the other Pilots, who are controlled by the other players. These fights are much more demanding, because even a player with low experience is much more of a threat than the computer-controlled opponents. This is a handful of hints which you should remember, if you want to survive in the battlefield.

Approaching the enemy point in the Hardpoint mode. - The Pilot - Combat - Titanfall - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Approaching the enemy point in the Hardpoint mode.

The most important thing to remember, which you should make your credo, motto, epigraph, outlook on life is that maneuverability is everything. Without this, you will not succeed. Titanfall is a dynamic game and not without a reason, a Pilots equipment allows you to run over walls, to take high jumps, grab on to ledges and many other actions that you could associate with Parkour. Use this to your advantage! Do not stand stock-still and run about - run between buildings, inside buildings, run and jump over rooftops - stopping threatens you with sudden death. Learning how to move around and how to make basic movements will not cause too much problem to you, and you will profit big time from that knowledge.

The next thing that you should remember is the fact that, like most FPS games, in Titanfall there is no health bar. At the moment at which you receive damage, the screen will be orange tainted, and the place from which the shot was fired will be marked with an arrow. To survive, you quickly need to change positions, use cloak, if possible, or Kill the enemy. Behave according to the old rule - fight or flee. If, however, the enemy is firing at you from afar, from a spot out of your reach, do not consider the situation too long - take it to the heels.

The fun and games are over. - The Pilot - Combat - Titanfall - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The fun and games are over.

The final thing that you should remember is that you need to make an appropriate selection of your gear. Therefore, you should test various weapons until you realize for yourself, which is the best for you. Regardless of what playing style you choose the R-101C Carbine works in any situation. Although it is a simple weapon, it sure is not crude and its universality makes it an excellent tool of fighting. And finally, a bit of an advice - if you want to stay alive for long, you need ammo. This is, fortunately, plentiful, but try to change the magazine always when there are few bullets left, or do not do that at all, because the unused rounds are lost as soon as you swap magazines. And if you run out of ammo, bite and kick. In the situation of a close encounter with the enemy, you can be like Chuck Norris and send the enemy to the ground with one, well-aimed round kick (by default, melee attacks are performed with [C]).

Pilot vs Titan

He does not know yet. - The Pilot - Combat - Titanfall - Game Guide and Walkthrough
He does not know yet.

The final type of enemy that you will encounter in the battlefield are Titans. Titans are huge, well armed and armored robots, which are the most difficult to fight. First of all, you should remember that you will, probably, be unable to defeat one on your own, unless its health bar is nearing zero. Therefore, it is best to act here in cooperation with the other players - once a Titan focuses on one of the players, you should try to take a safe position behind its back, or on the side, so that the shots fired at it are more difficult to block with the Vortex Shield. The general rule that you should remember is that you should conduct war of attrition, fire a shot and disappear from sight, before the enemy Titan manages to turn towards you. It is suicide to expose yourself to fire, because without protection, you are an easy target for the opponent - one well-aimed shot and there is nothing to save you from respawning. Mainly, try to attack by leaning out from behind covers or by using the advantage of height, always at a distance from the enemy. Additionally, you should remember to aim mainly at the exposed elements of the Titan, which are more vulnerable to fire (these are the areas that glow in red).

Rodeo is an excellent way to finish off the enemy. - The Pilot - Combat - Titanfall - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Rodeo is an excellent way to finish off the enemy.

Another effective, highly risky way to destroy an enemy Titan is rodeo. It consists in jumping onto the back of the enemy, where the Pilot automatically rips off a certain part to expose the enemy's vulnerable spot. To do that, you simply need to jump onto the Titan, and the rest is happening automatically. There are several "buts" to prevent it from being that easy. First of all, you are then exposed to fire and you can be sure that the other players will not say no to such a morsel. Another thing is the warning that the other Pilot receives, as soon as you jump onto his machine. You should then watch out because, most probably, he will disembark the mech to shoot you, or he will shock you with electricity (Electric Smoke). While approaching a Titan you should remember never to do that from the front side - you are then exposed to fire and to trampling. It is much better to use the cloak or approach quickly from behind or, even better, attack from above. It is a good idea to rodeo only those of the enemies whose health bar nears zero - the shorter the period of time, in which you are exposed to fire and the faster you eliminate the enemy machine, the better for you. If you like excitement and rodeo is your daily bread, Spitfire LMG is a perfect choice for you - destroying an enemy machine is much easier and more effective with this. And the last hint: during rodeo, do not use weaponry that you would normally use against the Titan, because the ricocheting shot from Sidewinder will simply Kill you.

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